First of all, we highly recommend you to download the app called “TBM Bordeaux”. It’s an application which allows you to see, from a point to another, the best transport to take and the time needed to go there. It will be your best friend when you have to go somewhere quickly!


To reach the Bordeaux Airport : bus 1 (every 10 minutes), the shuttle (“Jet Bus”)

To get to the Train Station Saint Jean : multiple buses which connect the city to the train station, in addition to the Tram C.

NOTICE: From the train station, you can directly go to KEDGE with the Bus 10, direction Beausoleil (Gradignan). The bus stop at KEDGE is “Ecole de Management”. To go there, it’s about half an hour.


Don’t forget that our Melting Potes team helps the new international students in picking them up at your arrival at Bordeaux (at the airport and at the train station). But for that, you need to take the Melting Potes subscription !

If you look for temporary tickets, TBM (Transports Bordeaux Metropole) offers you different tickets (one trip is 1,70 EUROS). You can buy these at any Tram stop

If you look for a long-term solution, TBM offers different subscriptions (“abonnement” in French) for people under 28 years old.

You can also add to that, an unlimited access to the city’s V³(bicycle stations) for 25 EUROS per year. This is a great solution when you want to get around the city by night, because the tramway stops around 12pm (1am during the week end)

You can buy these passes at the TBM offices which are located at these addresses:

Bordeaux en cartes| Vivre à Bordeaux et en Gironde

We also have a partnership with Blue Cub wich is an application for car sharing !

You can also find some scooters or bikes accessible for users who have the correponding application. You just need to scan the QR code on it directly from the application. It is a fun and cheap way to move around !

Indogi Weels

Yego (scooters ; need a driving licence ! )




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