The Melting Tips! – Newsletter #5

Hello there! The Melting Potes are back with a fresh newsletter with VERY GOOD TIPS!

We are really happy and proud to present you our collaboration with the association:

Le Cannelé d’Adresses

Le Cannelé d’Adresses is a Kedge association writing and publishing a free city guide of our beautiful Bordeaux for Kedgeurs but also all people of Bordeaux. They try out restaurants, shopping adresses, chateaux and activities around the city to give feedbacks and comments and help you make the most of your Bordeaux exploration! We will let them give you further details on their wonderful project and advise you the best places to go…

The Cannelé d’Adresses 2018 – Stay tuned for the 2019 edition!

Hi there! Le Cannelé d’Adresses is proud to collaborate with Melting Potes to give you most of Bordeaux’s good tips! 

As said above, we are one of Kedge’s associations. Our goal is to come up each year with a free city guide of Bordeaux. We test and taste everything to select the best for curious people willing to discover the good life in Bordeaux!

To make your new French adventure a bit easier, we gladly decided to give you some of the best addresses Bordeaux can offer, with the help of Melting Potes. We mainly focused on restaurants and a few bars…

To sum up… Read, Discover, and Enjoy!

GOOD TIP: you may tell the following bars or restaurants that you’re coming on the Cannelé d’Adresses‘ advice (showing them the paper guide or the application that is translated in English) CAUSE THEY MIGHT HAVE PREFERENTIAL PRICES FOR YOU GUYS 😉

Feel free to send us a PM on our facebook page , or download our application available in English: Le Cannelé d’Adresses 

Les bonnes adresses du Cannelé – Restaurant addresses recommended by Le Cannelé

I. To discover THE tasty French food :

Traditional cuisine 

Le Hâ($$$) : 50 rue du Hâ / +33 5 57 83 77 10

It is time to go out of your comfort zone and try some French gastronomie! Indeed, you just pick your menu format… and then the chef concocts its best dishes made of fresh fish, meat, vegetables of the season, that are definitely exquisit! 

Le Comptoir Fromager ($$) : 27 rue du Parlement Saint Pierre / +33 9 81 17 17 08

Le Comptoir Fromager is the good place to discover the right mix between food and cheese. There, you will taste a sublimation of cheese through sophisticated dishes. Actually, we can’t even recommend you any of them, since they are all so delicious (even if the Ravioles or the Reblochonnade are quite something)!   

Reservation highly recommended.

Chez Mémé ($$)51 rue Saint Rémi / +33 5 56 48 03 20 

Chez Mémé is the ideal place to eat a good meal made with love, like our French grandma would. Simple, rich, fresh and tasty food only! For a real French tasting, we recommend to try the Oeuf Cocotte as a starter, and the Lemon Tarte as a desert. Because the main dish of the day depends of what Mémé just bought at the market in the morning, let yourself be surprised by what the menu can offer. 

Loulou. ($$-$$$): 16 rue de la Cour des Aides / +33 5 56 48 21 28

At Loulou, changing is the mantra! This restaurant is to be tried immediately since its menu changes every two weeks – still always proposing really tasty food. Every single inhabitant of Bordeaux would only tell you to go… but with a reservation, cause it is often a victim of its own success.  

Au Couvent ($$-$$$ ): 23 rue du Couvent / +33 5 56 52 85 80

Oh Gosh this is a good one! Not only does the decor look like a dream with its mix between old and modern, but the entire menu is a no-fault. Definitely worth going to the Chartrons neighborhood. 

Le Petit commerce ($$-$$$):

Considered as an essential in Bordeaux’s to-be-tried restaurants, go taste a bit of the sea at this restaurant that does nothing “petit”. The iodized courses are served over several forms : tapas, planks, or simple dishes. 

South West of France cuisine:

 Le Petit Bec ($$-$$$): 14 rue de la Cour des Aides / +33 5 57 83 58 85

Perfect place to eat with complete peace. At Le Petit Bec, you’ll find a short menu with the exact local products of our beautiful region, especially concerning wine ! Best recommended for lunch – still book a reservation though. 

La Brasserie Bordelaise ($$-$$$): 50 rue Saint-Rémi / +33 5 57 87 11 91

La Brasserie is specialized in making planks of good charcuterie and excellent meat (that you can actually see being cooked in our traditional way!). But as it is one of the most famous places in Bordeaux, you’d better book a table.

Corse (Corsican food): 

A Cantina($$-$$$) : 14 rue des Bahutiers / +33 7 87 04 28 97 

This restaurant is a real trip to our Island of Beauty! A Cantina is quite authentic and offers you to try some of its typical tapas (that aren’t really Spanish actually!), or its marvelous dishes. We highly recommend you to try its Lasagna made with a particular Corsican cheese… you won’t regret it! 

“Sur le pouce” – To be quick:

Messieurs Croquent($-$$) : 25 Cours Pasteur / +33 5 57 30 91 39

Welcome to the paradise of Croque Monsieur ! There, the menu offers the most classical version of this French kinda sandwich, the Croque Madame, but also some really original ones, made of salmon for example, that are nonetheless delicious. The main drinks are artisanal beers that you should definitely try! 

Oh, by the way, all products can be eat-in or take-out! 

Chez Dude ($-$$): 10 rue des Augustins / +33 6 51 67 68 19

Go there to try our very French version of hot-dogs. There are no words to describe how good they are! But be quick, because the shop is supposed to close down by the end of the year (managers moving abroad)… 

Café Kokomo ($-$$): 14 rue Ravez / +33 5 57 34 48 69

THE ideal place for the veggies or vegan among us! At Le Café Kokomo, you’ll find healthy dishes made with fresh and organic food only. The burritos and bowls change everyday. We also recommend it for a brunch, since their pancakes are worth it!

II. To discover some international cuisine (again?): 

Asia, Latin America :

Bibibap (Korea – $$): 46 rue du Pas Saint Georges / +33 9 50 68 85 65

Bibibap is more than a crush. Originality: Bibibap’s Korean cuisine was imagined with a Franco-Asian vision. Literally “Bibimbap” means “rice mixture”. This dish is therefore composed of a rice base covered with marinated vegetables, meat, sauce and fried egg. It is the flagship dish of the restaurant but a nice tapas card accompanies it. Crispy chicken, Korean tacos (pure invention of the Chef)… All the food offered there is to take you directly to Korea. 

Le Café Japonais (Japan – $$-$$$) : 22 rue Saint-Siméon / +33 5 56 48 68 68

My, my… This Japanese restaurant deserves our certificate of Excellence! Bento, Maki, California Rolls, Udon soup… not a single complaint about all the food served there! Sincerely, if you are looking for a good sushi restaurant, be my guest, go to Le Café Japonais! 

Le Hutong Bordeaux (Singapour- $$): 1 place Général Sarrail / +33 9 67 61 81 99

A real stopover in Singapore, whether you are a fan of Asian gastronomy or just curious to taste typical Singaporean dishes, this restaurant is a must in Bordeaux. All you will find there is generosity put in a dish, and really tasty food. 

 Santosha (Thailand – $-$$): 2, place Fernand Lafargue / +335 56 44 76 56

It is quite simple, the nerve center of Bordeaux is the place Fernand Lafargue. On this square, there are several places to eat but only one reign: the Santosha. This Thai canteen is always full and serves continuously: its success does not go away. Their dishes are delicious and will satisfy even the voracious among you. Their large hall and small prices make it the perfect place to eat at any time.

Anh Kha (Vietnam – $-$$ ): 48 rue Saint Sernin / + 33 5 56 81 02 59

Anh Kha creates a clever mix between Vietnamese flavours and French influences in cooking among its generous plates. All along our moment there, we could only say one thing : “Oh my… this is delicious!”. Book a table before going ! 

Saveurs Latines (Latin America – $$): 3 Place Saint Pierre / +33 5 56 51 02 75

Let’s go for a night caliente! First thing to try there: its famous sangria made in front of you. Then, try its nachos with an exquisite guacamole, its fajitas or burritos, or even other spicy dishes. Royal moment: sharing the plank proposed with the best of its cooking, sit down on its terrace with a beautiful view of the historical Place Saint Pierre. 

European Gastronomy :

Bodega El Pata Negra (Espagne – $$-$$$): 16 rue des Argentiers / +33 9 53 45 98 69

A little moment in Spain yet in Bordeaux! La Bodega El Pata Negra is the place to go to try some real good tapas, little delicacies eaten by Spanish people, usually on Sundays. This is the place to share a moment with friends in a Spanish way, especially while eating some Pata Negra (a specific ham made in Spain which melts in the mouth), or croquettas. 

Italian food:

Capperi-Pizzaioli: 3 Rue de la Cour des Aides / +33 5 56 90 93 05 (organic food only)

Peppone: 28-44 Cours Georges Clemenceau or 9 quai Richelieu / +33 5 56 44 91 05 (no reservation there!) 

Osteria da Bartolo: 15 rue des Faussets / +33 5 56 81 48 38 

Sicilia des quais: 17 Quai Louis XVIII / +33 5 57 30 99 05

All these Italian restaurants are Le Cannelé’s favorite. Indeed, all of them are providing dishes with products coming from Italy, or Sicilia, and are the addresses we go to the most. Best pizzas? Capperi. Best pastas? Peppone. Best Sicilian food ever tasted? Sicilia des quais. Best Italian starters (& pizzas)? Osteria da Bartolo. No hesitation needed here! 

Koeben (Scandinavia – $$-$$$): 32 rue du Palais Gallien / +33 9 86 15 02 20

Lucien and Peter will make you enjoy new and unexpected flavors from Scandinavia. It is in fact in a calm and sleek setting that Lucien will serve you the savoury and sweet dishes made by the good care of Peter, the Danish: herring for all tastes, cinnamon rolls called kanelbullar and many other unsuspected specialties. They will welcome you with open arms for lunch, snack or Sunday brunch.

Quirky ones

Le Nama

This French restaurant with Japanese influences makes you work on your different senses while enjoying dishes of rare quality! Once you have settled down, choose among the various “blind” menus available, and specify your allergies to the waiter. He then brings you your dishes, as beautiful as they are, and it is up to you to play! Everyone give way to their feelings and imagination and the result is astounding… Everyone is aiming for flavours, colours or revisited shapes.

Contrast Brunch ($$$): 40 rue Vital-Carles / +33 5 57 99 45 03 

By far the best place to brunch in Bordeaux! A small tip: arrive around 11a.m. to avoid waiting too long outside because they do not take reservations and the restaurant is small.

Contrast is very cosy, you eat really well and copiously for the modest sum of 22€ (brunch formula including 2 toast, a fresh juice, a smoothie bowl, pancakes and a hot drink). As for the service it is fast and warm.

To sum up : excellent value for money! 

Le personne n’est parfait P’n’p ($$-$$$): 57 rue des Ayres / +33 9 81 60 06 57

Fresh, nice and healthy are the three adjectives to describe the P’n’p. Two types of food are served there: snack or dishes, both salted or sweet. What you will find there are the finest pancakes of the city (especially recommended with its almond butter). Of course, you will also find the classic component of a brunch: avocado toasts with eggs, bacon… but all of them are associated in the best possible way! Last but not least, P’n’p serves French toast that are really delicious, and healthy juices. All made with local and fresh products. 

Original point: the day to brunch there is on… Saturday ! 

Siman ($$-$$$): 7 Quai des Queyries / +33 4 56 67 49 90

This place perfectly mixes chic and trendy, with originality and history.

Evening couples will be thrilled with its romantic view of all the illuminated docks. Amateurs of good meats, we can only tell you to try the tartare, the rib or even the huge rib of beef to share. The wine cellar is also full of surprises that you should not be missed. For those who prefer the day no worries, the Siman offers its panoramic terrace to brunch in the sun.

III. Where to have a drink?

Going out at night is very popular in Bordeaux: due to the generally warm and nice climate around there, people usually like to go out at night to have a drink with friends in one of the numerous bars and terraces.

Walking by the little streets in the center (Rue Saint Rémi, Rue du Pas-Saint-George…), you’ll see lots of nice little squares, known for their bars and atmosphere at night…

Here are some good ones we selected for you:

  • Wine tasting

The Wine Bar  – is a small  wine bar at the heart of the Saint Pierre district, with a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, whose passionate wine patron makes your palate vibrate with Italian wines, but also international ones, of great quality. Careful, the choice is hard between the many accompaniments that can transform your tasting into a quality aperitif with fresh products, from Italy. We love the small (but well furnished) deli plate at 8€!

  • Classic bars

House of Parliament (not a Cannelé partner) a very nice place to have a drink in an Anglo-Saxon atmosphere. The waiters will speak to you in English. Located at the heart of the city center, you can watch big sport games there.

Le Vintage Café (not a Cannelé partner) a good place to have a drink or eat some aperitif with your friends. Located on the docks, you can seat inside or outside.

Le Saint Aubin – located on the famous Place de la Victoire (one of Bordeaux’s main squares), this bar offers a huge terrace for you to liaise over some beers or wine with your friends. Very convenient for big groups!

Good tip: This is not a Cannelé partner but the Saint Aubin has a partnership with KEDGE, tell them you’re from Kedge for preferential prices!

Last but not least… Le Bodegon (not a Cannelé Partner but a KEDGE one, you may tell them to get preferential prices). Located on Place de la Victoire, the Bodegon is always full of Kedge people! Wonder why everyone’s here? The partnership with Kedge offers preferential prices (especially on beers…)! Don’t wait anymore!


That’s it for this newsletter guys! Hope you enjoyed it!

Melting Potes would like to thank Le Cannelé d’Adresses for its awesome work and for bringing such great discoveries to us…

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