The Melting Tips! – Newsletter #9


Here you will find the most used expressions by young French people in order to use them more easily in your daily life and to be the boss of French expressions

“Un Charo”

Someone who likes flirting with girls.

For example a girl can see a man flirting with several girls during a party and telling him “t’es vraiment un charo” which means litteraly “you’re really a charmer”

“T’as pas un 06?”

Expression to ask a number in a familiar way. 

It is usually used in a funny way but you can also see people asking you seriously that in the street. They would say “excuse moi tu as pas un 06 ?”. Usually at the end they don’t get it..

“T’es fraiche”

Expression to say to a girl that she is pretty/well dressed.

It is very familiar, don’t say that to someone that you don’t really know. Avoid this expression in a professional workplace.

You can say it as “t’es fraiche ce soir” which literally means “you’re well dressed tonight”. Girls will appreciate that.

“Péter un câble/ un plomb”

This expression means that we are fed up, that nothing happens as planned. We lose control of ourselves, we go crazy. We crack psychologically, nervously. We get very very angry.  However the French don’t “go crazy”… they “break a fuse” 

“Se prendre un râteau/ Se faire recale”

This expression means to be rejected by someone with a seduction approach, to get a negative answer. Fail in the attempt to seduce someone. The French don’t “blow you off”… they “give you the rake” . It looks a little like the friendzone.

“Ca me gonfle”

The French use this expression when something annoys them. The French don’t say “this is annoying me”… they say “I’m getting swollen by this” (Ça me gonfle)

“S’en battre les couilles”

You say that when you do not care about anything, sometimes when you are angry like « laisse moi, j’men bat les couilles ». It can be just to express that you really do not care, for example about something: « Does it bother you ? » to say « No it’s okay I don’t care » you’ll say « Non c’est tranquille, j’men bats les couilles ». Tt can be funny too: your friend tells a story that everyone does not care about, and you say “On s’en bat les couilles” or “Qui s’en bat les couilles?”.

It’s very very familiar, only use it with friends.

“Avoir le seum”

It’s the term you use when you’re reeeaally disappointed about something, « J’ai le seum, j’ai cours à 8h demain » means « shit ! I have class at 8am tomorrow ».

If your crush does not answer you (sorry) you can say « j’ai le seum il/elle me répond pas » “shit! he / she does not answer me”.

“Se taper des barres”

When you are laughing a lot because something very funny happened. Then you say « on s’est tapé des barres »

it can be ironic too, something gets on your nerves or seems illogical to you, you can use “des barres “

“Etre en roue libre

This expression corresponds to a situation where you no longer have control over yourself. For example, let’s imagine that you are in the evening and you are just having a series of drinks, let’s say « j’suis en roue libre »  because you can’t stop anymore. Or if you say crazy things that no one expected they will say “T’es en roue libre!!”

Ps: Alcohol abuse is harmful to health.

“Être en bombe”

« Etre en bombe »  means that you’re on fleek. If you come at a party wearing your best clothes or makeup, people wil say to you that you are “en bombe” because you slay girl !!!


This expression have different meanings, it could be a way to say hello to your friends like «wesh bien ou quoi? » (hey what’s up ?), or it can be a form of provocation to show your dissatisfaction like  « wesh il est sérieux lui ? »  (wesh is he serious ?).


The expression michto refers to a girl who take advantage of a guy, she uses her charm and kind of seduce him to have drinks, cigarets, etc… These are examples when there is a « michto » in a student party for example. 

But there are « professionnal michto » (if we may say lmao) like women who use their charm to seduce rich men and so, take advantage of their situation, gorgeous gifts, travels etc… Generally this is a funny word, you can say it to tease your friend who in a party doesn’t pay anything and just enjoy the party thanks to another.


Originally, the word « miskine » comes from arabic, it means « the poor ». But nowadays we use it in french to talk about someone who is pathetic, it’s a pejorative word, even a mocking word. For example, if your friend is in a very ridiculous situation because of something stupid he did you can tell him « miskine » (for example in a party if he tries to impress a girl and he is actually being ridiculous, like he finally fell down or something like that, you can tell him « miskine »)

“En avoir ras le bol/le cul”

This expression is used when you are fed up with something. « En avoir ras le bol » is much more polite than « en avoir ras le cul » so, little tips : pay attention in which situation you would employ one or the other .

You usually can use it when you are bored with your work, about something that you are doing for one week for example and you can’t see the end.

Thank you a lot for reading this newsletter, we hope it will be useful for you.
Have fun reusing these expressions in their context with your friends to train or make them laugh, or seduce girls but trying not to be a charo ..

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