The Melting Tips! – Newsletter #10

I know, you’re saying to yourself  “Oh God I have been living here for several months and I still need to discover french traditions ?” OF COURSE  ! 😜

France culture has plenty of aspects to discover !

So let’s see what you MUST DO BEFORE LEAVING FRANCE ! 😎

Eat french “crêpes” !

Wait, wait… You’re in France and you haven’t tried the “crêpes” yet ?

You’re living your last moment in France and if there is one easy french recipe that you can make handmade is the CRÊPE !

What’s really nice is that you can eat crêpes whenever you want ! For a brunch, as a dessert, at 4pm… At any moment !

I’m actually 22 years old and I haven’t heard during my whole life “I don’t like crêpes”.

No, never.  Why ? Because you add whatever you want on it : sugar, Nutella, jam, fruits… and it’s always delicious !!

And most of all : it is really user-friendly ! Making crepes with others is a unique sensation : you’re waiting for THE moment when you finally have the opportunity to roll it and say your most beautiful “Mmmmmm ”  with love in the eyes 😍

Here is a quick video where you can learn how to make some :

Eat seafood with white wine !

As you may have seen, France is surrounded by one ocean and one sea.

And you are lucky : Bordeaux is near the ocean ! The sun is going to be more present and the temperature higher and higher !

Most of you are thus going to the beach, right?

Let’s speak about this day. Apparently this seems to be a good day, lying down between friends on the beach… but when time comes to leave the beach, you are often wondering what you can do next aren’t you ?

To extend the most your chilling day, the best idea is to find a specific place next to the beach (or a restaurant) where you can eat SEAFOOD !

Oyster, prawns, lobsters… you can find whatever you want for an affordable price !

A perfect end of day after the beach would be : seafood with white wine, with the sunset in the background 🌅

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

If you haven’t done that yet, this is clearly a MUST DO 😉

Eat a canelé !

You must have been told about it : this is the iconic cake of Bordeaux !

Little cake with a soft batter flavored of vanilla and rhum, with a caramelized crust. It has been a very popular pastry in Bordeaux since the 1930s.

If you want to be a true Bordelais you must have tasted it. With a coffee or a tea you will live your best life, I swear !! 😁

I recommend « Canelé Baillardran » they are true canelés made with the original recipe.

Here is the link for the Baillardran website if you want to have a look on the different offers :

Eat snails !

Why ? Snail represent low calories and contains 75% of excellent protein, 15% of fat and a low percentage of carbohydrates. It is an interesting source of iron, calcium, phosphorus and copper.

Apart from the pleasure that its tasting can give, its wealth of magnesium is exceptional.

Therefore, do not hesitate, and start a diet during the last month of preparation before the SPRING BREAK, it’s an excellent choice 💪

If you want to have the opportunity to try one of the most typical french food, have a look on this website :

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Eat a macaron !

Again this is about food (i’m a food lover, sorry not sorry haha). The Macaron is also an iconic pastry but not especially of Bordeaux this time, this is globally a famous french pastry from different regions.

The macaron is a little cake made of almond, it is a bit crunchy on top and so soft inside… actually this is a derivative of the meringue.

The macaron is a very ancient pastry indeed the first macaron appeared in Europe in the Middle Ages. But the very known Parisian macaron, with butter cream between the two sides of the macaron, appeared in the 19th century. You could have find it in Paris since 1880 particularly in the  Quartier Belleville or the Quartier Latin.

Today, the most popular bakery who produce Macaron is Ladurée, who nowadays colors it with pastel tints to indicate the flavor 🙌

Here is the link of Ladurée Website :

Eat at “Les Halles de Bacalan” !

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "halles bacalan"

Between friends, there is something for every taste with freshness and quality! Italian charcoal and Spanish tapas are enjoyable and moroever not expensive.

The concept is very cool: large tables to be shared, everybody  will serve himself on the stands. You can find every prices and quality among the stands : open your eyes! 👀

For a rapid lunch or a drink between friends it’s perfect!

Here you can find all the information you want for this place :

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Try the french “Apéro” !

One word you’ll hear all the time around French locals is “apéro”. It’s short for “aperitif” and according to one survey on the custom, as many as nine out of 10 French people engage in these pre-dinner drinks, that often turn into dinner itself.

As French author Paul Morand famously put it “L’apéritif, c’est la prière du soir des Français.” or “The aperitif is the evening prayer of the French”. 

And obviously being in France, the pre-food tradition involves food.

The apéro is a just another opportunity to enjoy the French way of life 🍹

The apéro is one of the many French traditions around food. And as a true francophile, you understand that food is sacred to French people.

You have to know that in a French aperitif there may be wine, beer, rosé and little things to eat like chips, cheese, toasts …

Camembert roasted with honey is also very appreciated! (image just below)

Drink a cocktail on the rooftop of Bordeaux !

A great welcome with a smiling and available team, a relaxing time in a bar with the best cocktails according to your wishes.

If you are not afraid to find yourself on the roofs of Bordeaux and have a 360 ° overview of all the Bordeaux monuments, then do not hesitate ! 😉

Here you can find all the information on this website :

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Buy a “Marinière” !

The marinière “ma chériiiie” as Christina Cordula a famous french professional stylist would say is a basic, timeless chic and trendy wardrobe! And no, it is not essential to go to Brittany to find the authentic sailor in sweater mode, cotton T-shirt one size, traditional or with a fashion twist.

So how did it come in the wardrobe of Parisian chic – or more precisely the chic woman, Paris or not? If it was necessary to designate a single culprit, it would be Miss Chanel, who from 1917, wears this striped knit that she buys in the shops of the port in Deauville!

But beware, Yves Saint Laurent is also involved, as for each of the upheavals of women’s clothing and it is he who introduces the first of this garment in his collection “sailor” of 1966. The marinière enters and in our dressing rooms for never come out again!

This THE most French clothe you can wear ! If you are invited in a costume party, don’t forget your “marinière”, you’ll be the most classy person 😎

Visit the « Chateaux de la Loire » !

No more food, but some visits of the amazing french heritage. The chateaux de la Loire are 22 castles : the castle of Chambord, Sully-sur-Loire, of Angers, Nantes and others…

Each one represents fondamental chapters of the French History. There is beautiful architecture,  gorgeous gardens, everything in the Val de Loire landscape, registered in the UNESCO heritage.

Here is a website that can be useful because it offers a tour on 2 days :

Go to Disneyland Paris !

Who has ever dreamt to spend some time in another world?

If so, this is the place to be !

All the memories that you have from all the disney films you’ve watched in your life are gathered in one famous parc !

During your day in Disneyland Paris, the kid which is sleeping in you will want to try everything !

From the attractions to the picture with Mickey and Minnie, you won’t recognize yourself about how excited you’ll be.


And do you know what ? You’re lucky because it is really easy and unexpensive to reach there from Bordeaux

Train station : Marne la vallée Chessy TGV  

Here is Disneyland Paris’ website to have all the information :

Thank you for your reading !

Now you should have everything in your hands to be perfectly French (or almost haha)

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