The Melting Tips! – Newsletter #11

Top 8 tips about French culture, behaviors and habits :

First we will do a little list as it’s written in the title, then we will talk about what to do the two following weeks in bordeaux. 

  1. Talking about food while we are eating :

I know it can sound crazy to you, but we French people always talk about food, even when we are eating, it can be about what we are eating, about what dishes we like most or even what we are gonna eat the next time we meet !

That’s how much we love food in France ! 

  • The 15 minutes of politeness :

Even if we are really strict with timing for formal meetings in France, it’s can be considered as rude to arrive exactly on time to a dinner or a party at a friend’s place for example.

We advise you to arrive approximatively 15 minutes late (that’s why we call it the 15 minutes of politeness). But you shouldn’t arrive to late! Call your host in advance if you will be more than 20 minutes late.

  • The kiss on the cheeks :

In France when we say hello we kiss each other on the cheeks, and we’ve noticed it feels quite strange to some of you (even if most of you have got used to it). We usually do it twice (one on each cheek) but, depending on their native region people sometimes do it one, three or even four times !

So don’t be offenced if someone approach his cheek to yours when you meet it is totally normal.

  • We always complain :

Some of you may think that our national sport is soccer, rugby, or whatever,… but you are all wrong ! 

There’s only one sport where we can’t be beaten, complaining.

We always complain ! Sometimes it feels like we were meant to do so, we complain we it is to hot but also when it is to cold, we complain when it rains but also when it is too dry. 

But our biggest complaining subject is, food (again). We are never happy about what we get in a restaurant and even when we are there’s always something we don’t like about the service or the restaurant itself!

  • The French shrug :

I don’t know if you’ve already noticed but we often shrug our shoulders, and actually it can mean a lot of things : “I don’t know…”, “I don’t care…”, “it’s not my fault…”,… and probably missing a lot of them.

And depending on the emotion we want to transmit we also move or hands, eyebrows, lips,… in various ways.

  • Fake English words

When you will start to understand French, you will notice that we use a lot of English words, weird considering most of us don’t speak English isn’t it ?

Well, actually the English words we use don’t exist or are not use in a good way. For example we use “tennis man” for “tennis player”, “parking” for “car park”, “car” for “bus”, “people” for “celebrities”, “talkie-walkie” for “walkie-talkie”,…

  • Chocolatine or pain au chocolat ?

Ok, that’s a big one.

Some of you may not understand why there is such a debate on something like that but still, this is very important to us. It’s a kind of different dialect depending on or native region, some of us will always say chocolatine and some of them strange people will always say “pain au chocolat” (in Bordeaux we say chocolatine by the way).

So to understand it better here is a map of France on which we can see where we say pain au chocolat or hocolatine.

  • The “goûter” :

In some of your country you only have three main meals (poor you) : Breakfast, meal and dinner. Well, we have a fourth, the goûter, and maybe it is the most important of all.

But what exactly is the goûter ?

Well it is a meal we eat at exactly 4pm (the timing is really important) only composed of sweat things such as bread, chocolate, snacks,…

What to do this week with kedge ? 

Here is the planning of all the events made by the different association of kedge. 

I can’t promote any event instead of other excpet the melting-potes ones so i’ll juste let you with the global planning. 

Don’t forget to go on Facebook to check the page of the association to know everything about events !!

What to do without kedge ?

Here is a little list of differents event happening this week :

1- If you like the Gin you will be happy :

The brand Old Lady release a new receipe this week, so the brand will organise degustation in several bars, here is the list :

Tuesday 5 : Le Dick Turpins, 72 rue du loup Bordeaux
Wendesday 6 : Le Swing Marine, 151 Cours Gambetta Talence
Thursday 7 : Les Mauvais Garçons, 23 rue Neuve Bordeaux
Friday 8 : Le Connemara, 18 cours d’Albret Bordeaux
Saturday 9 : Au Hangar, 340 Avenue Denis Papin La Teste De Buch

2- An exposition about Da Vinci at the Musée Mer Maritime Wednesday. 

More than 120 models made on the basis of the original codices by Leonardo da Vinci are to discover. Created for a team of Belgian artists, historians, graphic designers and craftsmen, an exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci.

3- This week-end : The birthday party of the Halles de Bacalan. 

From 8 to 10 of November i twill be the second birthday of this place. So the party will be nice with some DJ set, good food a great cocktails !

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