The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #17

What to do in Bordeaux on Sundays? 

As you may or not know, Sundays in France is rest day for everyone so it can be hard to find shops and places open. However, we have compiled a list of places which are open on Sundays and that are super interesting and fun !


For those who love a fun game day/night with a drink in hand, you’ll find that this bar is a perfect fit. A waiter will come to your table and chat a little about your preferences and will choose a board game suitable for y’all as well as explain the rules. No longer need to worry about which game is best for everyone! It’s a great place to go with lots of friends but make sure to make a reservation because this place is always full :0


On the Camille Julian square, you’ll find the most exceptional cinema in Bordeaux. It’s an historical chapel that was renovated into a movie theater! For all you literature fans, this cinema only projects beautiful book adapted films instead of Hollywood blockbusters. The screenings are from the morning to noon and cost only 4,50€! There’s also a bar and restaurant in the building, perfect to chill and talk about the movie.


The natural history museum of Bordeaux is located in the Jardin Public next to the Place des Quinquonces. On the three different floors, there’s exhibits for everyone’s tastes! A must see and it’s only 4€!


The Mollat Bookshop or librairie Mollat situated in the heart of Bdx. It’s the first independent book shop in terms of total revenue made and books sold. You’ll find so many books for everyone’s tastes you could swim in between the lines! And they’re pretty cheap too 😉


If you love sun, sand and surfing then look no further than to spend your weekend at la Côte Landaise (also known as la Côte d’Argent or just Landes) which is Bordeaux’s neighbouring region. With the good weather fast approaching, all the campsites are starting to open back up too which is a great option for the most adventurous among you. If camping’s not for you, there are some great airbnbs available in this region too with the main tourist areas being Hossegor and Biscarrosse. The Landes beaches consist of more than 106 km of uninterrupted coastline and beautiful coastal towns bringing true holiday vibes. During the Summer, this coast is very busy due to tourists and french people arriving in swarms to visit this vast expanse of sand and sea so find the time in Spring to take advantage of the quieter season. This destination is a definite must-see before you finish your time abroad !




250g of flour

½ litre of milk

2 tablespoons of sugar 

4 eggs

1 pinch of salt

50g of melted butter

Step 1 – Mix your dry ingredients (flour, salt and sugar) in a mixing bowl.

Step 2 – Make a well with the dry ingredients and crack your eggs into the hole.

Step 3 – Start to mix slowly with a whisk, incorporating more and more flour with the eggs. When the mixture becomes thick, add the milk little by little and keep stirring.

Step 4 – When everything is mixed, the batter should be quite liquidy. If it’s still a little bit too thick, add some more milk. Next, whisk in the melted butter well.  

Step 5 – Let your batter chill in the fridge for 30 min-2 hours. Heat up your pan with a little bit of butter and pour a ladle worth of batter on it. Make sure that its poured out quite thinly (this ain’t pancakes). Rotate the pan so that the whole bottom is covered.

Step 6 – Let cook for a minute or two, flip the crepe and let cook for 30 seconds or so and they’re ready !

Once your crepes are ready you can have so many different toppings ! Some of the french classics are: just sugar, sugar and butter, sugar and lemon (yes might sound weird but its so so good, fresh fruit (strawberries, banana etc.), whipped cream and of course, caramel or nutella !

To enjoy in front of a classic french movie!

ENJOY !!!!

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