We offer you to help through our partner So Energie. Indeed when you arrive in your apartment, you will have to open an electricity contract. We therefore propose to you to open an electricity contract with So Energy which offers you prices cheaper than the other energy suppliers and those in the respect of nature because they areContinue reading “Electricity”

The Melting Tips! – Newsletter #6

The Gilets Jaunes (“yellow jackets”) As a brand-new expat here in France, you might have heard or seen people wearing yellow jackets striking (and sometimes breaking everything) every Saturday. So who are the gilets jaunes? How did the movement start? What consequences does it have? The Gilets Jaunes are people protesting against several governmental measures andContinue reading “The Melting Tips! – Newsletter #6”

The Melting Tips! – Newsletter #5

Hello there! The Melting Potes are back with a fresh newsletter with VERY GOOD TIPS! We are really happy and proud to present you our collaboration with the association: Le Cannelé d’Adresses Le Cannelé d’Adresses is a Kedge association writing and publishing a free city guide of our beautiful Bordeaux for Kedgeurs but also all people of Bordeaux. TheyContinue reading “The Melting Tips! – Newsletter #5”