For any questions concerning administration issues, scholarship, visa, housing, PLEASE refer to the International Student Office of Kedge which is the school’s department here to help you about important and administrative questions like those.

Note that Melting Potes is just an society of students who are here to welcome you and help you to integrate the associative life of KEDGE. We do that for FREE (beside the pick up service), it’s only a volonteer investment and international love 🙂

Will my professors speak French or English ?

Depending on your programme, you may have the choice to select courses in French, in English or both. If you are registered for courses taught in English, be aware that most likely, English will not be your professor’s native tongue so they may have an accent.

What kind of sport programmes does Kedge Business School offer ?

KEDGE Business School has a sports association which offers a variety of sports. Sports include but are not limited to: badminton, basketball, soccer, rugby, volleyball, handball, fitness, dance, tennis, swimming, extreme sports, etc.

If you want more details, ask the Razan’As : The BDS of the school on their facebook page here

What kind of public transportation does Bordeaux have to offer?

Public transportation is available throughout the city and its surrounding area : tramways (A,B,C), buses, bike. For more information, please go to the explanation part for public transport in this guide.

Is it easy to travel from Bordeaux to other countries?

The airport is located in Mérignac, about 30 minutes from downtown. It offers about 80 French and international destinations, with various airlines companies including various low-cost flights.

What documents should I bring with me from home to Bordeaux?

Here are some documents  we would advise you to bring with you when coming to Bordeaux.
– Bring your passport + 5 photocopies of it + 1 soft copy of your passport (you need copies for everything)
– Bring your visa + 5 photocopies of it + 1 soft copy of your visa + 1 soft copy
– 5 passport photos (to save money you can cut out passport size photos out of a regular photo and use them for ID cards, bus cards, etc. just be sure it is the proper size and there is nothing in the background, a white background works best.) However, for your residence permit, you will need passport photos in the French format (3.5 x 4.5cm).
– 2 photocopies of your credit card, ATM card, Driver’s license, School ID, health
insurance, etc. just in case your wallet gets stolen or lost.
– 2 Copies of everything you needed for your visa (financial guarantee, bank statements, admission letter from KEDGE Business School, school transcripts, etc. When applying for your residence permit, you may need these documents)
– Approved courses from your home institution so you can register for courses
at KEDGE Business School easily.

How do I register for classes?

The course registration differs according to your programme. You will receive an email with your login, password and instructions before your arrival.

How much are textbooks?

KEDGE Business School does not use textbooks. The professors will provide you with the documents; textbooks are also available at the School library.

How will I know my course timetable?

Your course timetable will be available on your Campus Virtuel account a few days before the start of your programme.

Is there Internet on campus?

Wireless connection is available throughout the school premises and is free for students. Network: KEDGEBS – Use the same login and password as Campus Virtuel.

Should I bring a laptop?

Yes, a laptop is very important because you are expected to do most of the work online. KEDGE Business School does not have textbooks so professors expect you to have internet use for articles and access to virtual campus.You must check your KEDGE Business School email address on a daily basis because important information will only be sent to this email box. Also you must have your laptop configured for the WIFI in the school.

How much money should I have with me when I arrive in Bordeaux?

When arriving in Bordeaux you should have at least 500€ in cash. We recommend this as you may not find an ATM that is linked to your bank in the first few days. You will need cash for grocery shopping, bus card, taxi, etc

Will I need a cell phone?

You do not need a cell phone, however many international students do prefer it to have one. Do not hesitate to contact the Melting Potes association for any advice.

How do I take money out of my bank account from home?

Before leaving make sure to contact your bank so they know you are going to be using your card in a different country. If you do not, they may assume your card is stolen and freeze your account. When you contact your bank, ask them which bank in Europe they are linked with so you know which ATMs you can use without a fee. Ex: BNP is linked with Bank of America. Each bank is different so be sure to check before you arrival.

Is there a cheap way to call home or make other international phone calls?

It is advised to download Skype on your computer. Skype is an internet phone service which lets you talk with friends for free through the use of the internet. You can use Skype for free anywhere in the world at any time. You can call to other countries on a land line for example 2 cents per minute. To call for free, make sure your family and friends download the programme on their computer as well.

You can also use Whatsapp under WIFI for free (SMS, Call, Face time)

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