Pick-up Assitance

The Daily life pole of melting potes that is dealing with everyday issues, propose you a service called the ” pick-up assistance”.

You can have the opportunity to be picked up at the Merignac airport or train station (Gare Saint Jean) the day of your arrival.

This Pick up service is available for the back-to-school in September and in January

In order to have this advantage, you need to “subscribe” to Melting Potes ! The price is 20€ (EUROS) for the subscription. With it, you have many advantages and among of them is the pick-up service.

You can ask a Melting Potes member to get the subscription, it is also on our Facebook Page ! Here is the link to subscribe to Melting Pote.

If you decide to take the pick up service, you must give several details on this google form :

  • Your Name and Surname
  • Train/Flight number (for flight : both if you have a stop in Paris),
  • The exact hour of your train/flight (flight : also the one from Paris if you have one),
  • City of departure,
  • if you take the train,the plane or the bus,
  • Email address, your facebook (if you have one),
  • Phone number
  • Your address at Bordeaux

Download your pre-departum check-list on our Facebook Page.

If you have any questions, please contact Gabin from Melting Pote at this e-mail adress : lucas.delmotte@kedgebs.com

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