Welcome in Bordeaux

If you are going to live in the city center, you can find bellow a map of Bordeaux which explains the advantages and disadvantages of each neighbourhood.

Blue line
Line B tram, the line that will be most useful during your time in Bordeaux. It allows you, just like the Bus 10, to join the KEDGE campus.

Gray Zone :

The neighborhoods of this area are far from KEDGE. In addition, these neighborhoods are a bit far from the clubs and bars where most parties of the year will take place.

Red Zone :

The neighborhoods have lots of amenities but are quite far from the Victoire and the docks where the parties will be. However these areas can be quite attractive : you can find the famous Auchan-Meriadeck where you can do your shopping cheaply or the Ruins of the old Galen palace : these areas are quiet at night, which can be appreciated.

Orange Zone :

Neighborhoods are rather close to tram B and even bus 10 for some. You will be able to discover the famous kebabs at 2 euros or even enjoy the aperitifs in the open air by the proximity of Quinconce with the docks for example.

Green Zone :

Relatively close to the various bars and clubs of Bordeaux but also transport to KEDGE.
You will be able to enjoy the nightlife of KEDGE while ensuring quick access to the campus.
Whether you are party-goers or studious, this area is for you. Note that these areas can be quiet noisy at night

You also have different places like Talence (where the school is), Pessac, Merignac and Bègles, which are further away from the center.

During your time in Bordeaux you’re going to live either in Talence or in the City Center.

Living in Talence has the benefit to go to KEDGE fastly. This sector still has advantages for athletes because a large number of sports facilities are available in Talence. There are a lot of student residences and living in a student residence can be an opportunity to meet new people !

However, if you prefer having a perfect Kedger’s life (with parties, bar…), we advise you to try to find an accomodation in the City Center about 35 minutes from KEDGE) or in between Talence and Bordeaux city center.

Indications about the Zone :

  1. Place de la Victoire : Direct access on Tram B,C,A, Center of the town, (bar, restaurants, activities) but expensive and noisy.
  2. Talence : Near KEDGE bs, calm, cheaper but far from the center, Tram B and Bus.
  3. St genès : Beetwen the school and the city center, calm.
  4. North of Bordeaux : Public Garden, Tram B,C,A, More Cultural.

Concerning the tramway, you can have more information on the “transport” page of this site.

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