You don’t know where to eat ?

Every year, a KEDGE association called Le Cannelé D’adresse prepare a guide book about what you can find in Bordeaux, this is their Facebook page :

They have an application wich is available on IOS and Android : “Mon Appli Cannelé

Here are some Melting Potes advice about good restaurants in Bordeaux :

French Food

L’Entrecôte, 4 cours du 30 Juillet : Meat restaurant

La Fromentine, 4 rue du Pas-Saint-Georges : crèpe

Bistrot Régent : French restaurant (you can say that you come from Melting pote and we will get comission to make you more surprises !)

Le chaudron, rue saint remi

La Brasserie Bordelaise, 50 Rue Saint-Rémi

Les moules du cabanon, 12 Quai Richelieu : Mussles

Italian Food

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Peppone, Cours clémenceau

Masaniello, 10 Rue Maucoudinat

Japanese Food

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Côté Sushis, 2 Place Fernand Lafargue

Sushis Shop

Nobi Nobi, 262 rue sainte catherine

Ebisu, 265 rue sainte catherine

Le café Japonais, 22 rue saint-siméon

Fufu ramen, 37 Rue Saint-Rémi

Thaï Food

Santosha, 2 place Fernand Lafargue

Indian Food

Taj Mahal, 24 Rue du Parlement Sainte Catherine

Ottoman, 18 Rue des Faussets

American Food

Bagel Corner, 171 rue Sainte Catherine

Kokomo, 9 place Fernand Lafargue

Canadian Food

Au nouveau monde, 2 Rue des Boucheries

P’tit québec café, 93 Rue Eugène Jacquet

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