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Tanguy Jousse - Trésorier - Transaction Kedge BS Bordeaux | LinkedInTransaction: The association organises a range of activities to promote links between students and the world of finance. Through trading competitions, tutoring, a weekend in the heart of a large stock market, the publication of a guide and the management of an investment club, the association makes the approach to financial markets accessible and concrete. It also runs investment clubs.

CA’store: Promotional sweatshirts, association jumpers and pens, Ca’Store is the KEDGE BS Bordeaux official shop and central purchasing unit. It is a central part of student life and it is in constant contact with all the associations and sports teams. The store sells KEDGE BS-themed products.

Com’On: The Com’on reporters cover all of the school’s events with their photo and video cameras. The media is then compiled into news bulletins in the style of television show ‘Le Petit Journal’ and broadcast on giant screens. Recruitment modalities : speaking a little bit French and a good listening comprehension. 

Keos: The fashion association promotes the world of fashion and luxury within the school and Bordeaux. It organises various events including cocktail nights with professionals, Apéros DIY, accessory making and clothes customising workshops where students can learn in a fun and relaxed environment, the Afterwork StreetWear an artistic performance evening, meetings with designers, and trips to the fashion capital, Milan!

KMC: The goal of Kedge Motor Club Bordeaux is to prevent accidents, and promote eco-responsible driving, good humour and sharing. Providing special offers on driving lessons and MOTs, the association also organises road trips and various events for everyone on campus. It also organises go-karting outings and road safety awareness events.

AMS conseil: AMS Conseil is the Junior-Company of KEDGE Bordeaux. This association’s goal is to deepen their knowledge about marketing, finance, audit and communication by working like a consulting firm for French and European clients.

KN: Building a network is the ambition of all Management School students. By organising cultural and sporting events designed to encourage exchanges between professionals and tomorrow’s future managers, Kedger Network enables them to do just that. Among these events, the association organises the annual KEDGE River Cup, a sailing regatta on the Garonne river held between students and professionals.

AOC: The missions and dynamic make it one of France’s largest student oenological associations! It promotes the regional culture, hosts wine tasting events and gives students the opportunity to discover the Bordeaux vineyards. Students start with a wine weekend, then attend conferences organised in partnership with the major Châteaux and climax with the famous student wine-tourism rally the Rallye des Vin’4 Heures!

Forum Events: The forum organises debates and conferences on society’s hot topics. Participating in Forum Events is a way to share opinions and points of view, suggest discussion topics and to enrich its cultural capital. It also runs a journalism blog, organises Cafés Philo discussions and debate conferences with economic, political and cultural personalities on various subjects such as the independence of the press and the sex toy market.

Diambars is the associations that helps young people from disadvantaged areas in the region of Bordeaux through the formidable power of sport. All year long, we are encouraging the development of human values, such as respect and diversity, to youth under our care. Through this education, we hope to make them grow personally by taking on board sport values and to show them there is a way to blossom without being a professional sportsman. Recruitment modalities : good level at French. 


Cook’It: The home port of hedonists and chefs! The KEDGE BS Bordeaux Culinary Association, Cook’It shares the best gastronomic recipes. Do you have a thirst for exoticism or regional know-how? Cook’It mixes up a multitude of flavours to delight those curious taste buds. It organises the major Master Cook’It event.

 Accede: Accede is an advisory association for young entrepreneurs. It supports them through all the stages of setting up a business. It develops entrepreneurship-related events projects like a start-up weekend and The “Millésime de la Création”, a start-up competition for students and job seekers.

Start It: A shrine to new digital technologies, Start It has a design division that produces posters for technology fairs and conferences. It also runs the campus’ internet radio and provides a website design service. Start It also covers musically many of the associations’ events. Recruitment modalities :  staying at Kegde during 1 year minimum.


Melting Potes:  It welcomes international students, helps them fulfil administrative procedures . The association ensures their successful integration into the campus, organising events to promote cross-cultural diversity: it welcomes them, provides them with accommodation and organises after-work events for international students and even organize trips for them. Recruitment modalities : come as you ARE! 


Solid’Earth: Solid’Earth works hard to defend its strong values with great conviction by raising students’ awareness about international solidarity and environmental responsibility, through the sale of fair trade products and ethical fashion shows to promote an alternative form of consumption.

Adrénaline: The Adrénaline ethos is all about discovery, sharing, pushing limits, thrill seeking and adrenaline rushes. With rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping and free falling the association offers a range of extreme sports all year long to all those who have a thirst for adventure. It organises Journées de l’Extrême (JEX) extreme sports days with bungee jumping, diving and parachute jumping, and the KEDGE Express Tour (KET).

Cheer’UP: This association helps young cancer patients between the ages of 15 and 29 plan for their future.
Its students pledge their motivation and skills to support them during their treatment in devising a Personal Project with them right up to its completion. It is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a solidarity action with young people. Recruitment modalities : speaking French OR English very well and staying at Kegde during 1 year minimum.

Le Cannelé d’Adresses: The Cannelé D’adresse is the association that, every year, edits the essential guide of good deals and good destinations of Bordeaux and its surrounding areas! Cannelé is also digital with its social networks, mobile application and the web site. As a member, you have the chance to meet various shop owners in this beautiful city and to freely test many restaurants! So if you have an ineluctable love for food and a taste of adventure, join us! Recruitment modalities : speaking  French very well. 

Archim’aide: By encouraging altruism, social commitment and the transmission of knowledge, Archim’aide promotes equal opportunities. As well as providing academic tutoring, the association aims to create links between young people by hosting a range of sports and other fun activities. It provides private lessons and hosts various events like an orientation course to enable students to learn all about the heritage of Bordeaux. Recruitment modalities : very good level at French.  

Wax It: Flanked by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range, Aquitaine is the perfect location for winter sports. From surfing, wakeboarding, sailing and skiing to snowboarding, Wax it encourages students to take to the sea or mountain and dedicate themselves to environmental protection. The association organises major events as part of student life such as Frisky Days (ski trip), the After School Contest (international student surfing competition) and a mega ramp competition.


Bee’ Active: Bee’Activ is a Job Service that helps businesses find qualified staff for paid operational assignments, while enabling KEDGE BS students to complete their training in the field and expand their network. The members of Bee’Activ are building up a valuable network with the region’s businesses, offering students paid missions with their partners.

SIMONU: Negotiation, meetings, international sharing… From Bordeaux to New York, London and Washington, the association takes part in worldwide Model United Nations General Assemblies, alongside the most renowned Business Schools and Universities. Over 3000 students from all over the world come together each year at the United Nations’ headquarters to take part in these simulations.

Extérieur nuit: Extérieur Nuit showcases the 7th Art: previews, movie nights, film reviews, outdoor screenings… and of course it organises European short-film festival, the Festival Européen du Court-Métrage de Bordeaux, which has been a key event in Bordeaux’ cultural life for over 20 years. The association regularly organises movie nights.

Le Berk’ail : With its canapés, bar, video games and even music blind tests, Ber’kail is KEDGE BS Bordeaux associative café, the perfect venue for students to relax and socialise. Serving sandwiches, bottled drinks and coffee all day long, students are free to make use of both its table football and Pl.

AIESEC: A member of the network of the international organisation AIESEC, the Bordeaux branch recruits and assigns students to internship opportunities and humanitarian projects. The world’s largest student NGO, the AIESEC is a professional springboard for those wanting to add an international dimension to their career and unlock the door to the world. Since 2005, the association has maintained a worldwide network of professionals to help its students find internships.


Bureau des arts (BDA) : The BDA (art office) has two main missions : to promote art in Kedge and to dispense artistic courses. 25 students are here for sharing their passion. 


 Kedge Bees : The beekeeping association of Kedge Business School. With our 4 hives, we are producing about 220kg of honey. Our goal is to preserve bees and sensibilize about their extinction. Kedge Bees has many projects as the beekeeping formation of its members, the creation of a national student federation, the installation of new hives. 


House of games : Board games, casino games, video games or e-gaming, House of Games is here to show you all about games through their events and tournaments. 

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