Sports team

  • Rugby  

Les poussins (Men)

despite a team name that might make you think they’re harmless, our little chicks are still tough. Titled Champion Ecricome, this band of brains is invested on the ground as in the evening. Motivated and motivating coaches who want to give everyone a chance, even the less experienced ones.

Les garces (Women)

Our garçes hide real warriors under their little faces. Fighting and angry, they meet twice a week on the fields. Trained by an increasingly determined coach, our women’s rugby team maintains and nurtures a group dynamic that allows them to progress both technically and in terms of results.

  • Football/soccer

Les Chibrons / Men

Put on your crampons and come tread the lawn.  Driven by their good results and a desire to win, the chibrons are waiting for you to play!  Coaches will be keen to maintain this good dynamic by offering in addition to training sessions, sports preparation sessions and innovative tools!

Les chibrettes/Women

Who said girls can’t play football?  Female sports team of the year 2017, Ecricome champions, French champions, the Chibrettes are at ease on heels as in crampons.  Beginners and advanced are welcome at training sessions and parties!

  • Handball

Les hardeux/Men

Les hardeux is our team of handball champion of France 2017, champion Ecricome 2017.  The complementary coaches wish to continue on this beautiful launching with three trainings per week allowing each one to progress on the game of esui and on the technical level.

Les hardeuzes/Women

Our handball players, carried by an invested coach and a thirst to progress, form a close-knit team peofitant with group dynamics.  For this year the objective is to create a group synergy by relying on the most confirmed and to allow others to challenge each other in order to remain motivated.  The hardeuzes are waiting for you and are ready to attack!

  • Basketball 

Les Kedge Fiston Coiffeur (KFC)/Men

The KFC, double Champions Ecricome, offer you in addition to high level training, a band of very close friends. The coaches are committed to pushing the team to the best of their abilities (two training sessions per week, one physical preparation session). For Team 2, priority will be given to the fundamentals. Both teams feed this family spirit which will undoubtedly lead them to many more victories!

Les Chicas Gros bull/Women

The chicas, strong in their cohesion, have won a series of races this year. The women’s basketball team is invested and forms a beautiful team, ambitious and dynamic, whether in team 1 or 2. The Chicas are always more motivated to put baskets but also to have fun.

  • Futsal/indoor soccer 

Les Chibriños / men


We’re not just a team of football players… If you’re looking for a mix of technicality and good play then the Chibriño team is for you! Our futsal team will allow you to improve both physically and technically and to compete against the best university teams in the region. They’re looking for their future Ronaldinho so don’t hesitate and try your luck!

  • Football Américain 

Because at Kedge Bordeaux we have a Starbuck, cheerleaders, a city stadium, all we needed was a US football team to complete the “American campus” pack. Established last year by passionate coaches and driven by several years of experience, US football will be accessible to all through a partnership with a local team.

  • Volleyball

Les Gynécos/Men

Les gynécos meet twice a week at the school gym to work on their surgical precision smatch. Whether you are a beginner looking for a hobby or a seasoned player ready to face any competition, you will easily find your place in one of the two teams. Then don’t hang around and join us!

Les Bitches / women

Dressed in their most beautiful mini shorts, the bitches are back in better shape than ever to attack this new season. With two training sessions a week, they are united around one objective this year: to make their opponents’ heads turn during the competitions that await them! 

And many other team go check on the facebook page of Mas’todontes ! If you don’t have Facebook access don’t worry we will explain you everything at your incoming.


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