Cousin et Compagnie / Prowine Language


You’re in Bordeaux, the international capital of wine ! And you would like to taste and enjoy some of the best Bordeaux wine on a student budget ?

Don’t worry, Melting Potes has you covered! With our partner Cousin et Compagnie get 15% discount on all wines sold at their store on Place du Parlement! And that’s not all! When the time comes for you to leave Bordeaux (snif snif…) and go back to your boring life back in your homecountry, thanks to Cousin and Compagnie, you can bring a nice souvenir to your family of friends: They have a variety of 2-3 or 4 bottle special packs that you can bring home, or if it doesn’t with in your suitcase(s) they can mail you a couple of Bordeaux bottles anywhere in the world, with the same 15% discount!

We also organize special wine tastings with the specific vocabulary with a 20% discount on the regular price, to be able to impress your friends and family back home

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