Coventry University visit

Kedge has the honor to welcome from today December 3rd to Friday December 8th, 13 students as well as two professors from theUniversity of Coventry in England!

We hope you had a pleasant trip from Coventry to Bordeaux. If everything went according to plan, you guys should have arrived at your hotel by now. 🏠

We will try our very best to give you an idea of the live in Bordeaux, while studying at Kedge. We have many activities planned for the entire week, and we are more than excited to show you Bordeaux. 😍

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them to BUDDY MELTING POTES, he will usually reply within a few minutes. 🤓

We hope today is the start of an amazing week and we wish you all the best! 💪

Melting’kiss! 😙

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