Spring Break 2018

Ladies & Gentleman, Signore e Signora, Mesdames et messieurs!!!!! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

Here’s the plan :
We’re leaving on may 11th until may 18th 

Fasten the belt and take a ride with Bus1+ from Victoire to Mérignac, we will wait for you at the airport!
Private plane broooo! 🛫🛬

Of course this is not all !
– 4stars hotel 🏘
– 3 pools 🔥💦
– 6 tennis courses🎾
– 2 football fields
– 1 Gym (Top Body Challenge you knoowww)😬
– Unlimited food (To keep going with the Top Bedaine Challenge)🍕🍑🍌
– Unlimited drinks – And this is the time you say “where do I sign?!”😍

And we have more….😏
– 1 camel trip 🐪🐫
– 2 days to visit Marrakesh #Gucco #RapLauren 🇲🇦 💛💙

Ok so…. the price… here is the deal : “7 days/nights, All Inclusive, Transport” → 680€🤦🏻‍♂️
STOP !!! Melting’Potes IS HERE!!! 
and is going to make this prince go down …….. Today Saturday march 3, 2018 we propose this ALL INCLUSIVE trip for… LESS THAN 289€.💡💸💡💸💡💸

We already told you, we dis not finished to find all our partners and sponsors and we will probably reduce the price if you come… 💯🤑🔥

Now you know! 😍 we absolutely CANT WAIT AND WERE ON FIREEEEE 💥


Ps: Less than less is free!
Pps: Find out the destination in our teaser!👀
Pls: Top Belly Challenge 🥙🍺
Double PLS: Melting’potes Treasurer

Don’t forget to like the Spring Break facebook page! -> https://www.facebook.com/SpringBreakMP/

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