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  • Saint-Emilion

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This event will allow you to discover one of the most beautiful pearl of the Bordeaux’s region during an entire day : Wine. Melting Potes will take care of you during this day, transports and visits are planned. At less than one hour of Bordeaux, you will just have to enjoy this wonderful and historical place. Visits of vineyards, castles, Wine cave or wine tasting will be on the programme.

This trip will gather around 50 people, Erasmus and French students.

Price : Around 20euros.


  • Welcome Party


Melting Potes organize an evening party in a bar which will allow to welcome and integrate cheerfully our new Erasmus. The Erasmus students will have the opportunity to discuss and chill around some drinks with Kedgeurs and association members. This event embodies one of the first contacts between Erasmus and Kedgeurs.


  • GoodBye Party


In a smart and cool place, this is the last event of Melting Potes for a many Erasmus who stay only one semester at Kedge Bordeaux. Then, the purpose is to say them goodbye in the best way. So, prepare your most beautiful dress and your nicest smile to remember your best and craziest moments that you’ve lived in a great atmosphere.

Price : around 10€


  • Dîner Progressif


You’d like to meet people ? You’d like to eat well and spend a great night ?

Cook’it, Melting Potes and Solid’Earth are organizing you an event that you won’t ready to forget. On the programme : 3 flats, 3 meals, 3 activities, 3 countries.

Each flats will embody a country and we manage everything to make you travelling around the world during one night.

And of course you will have the possibility to eat and drink !

Price : 16euros cotisants / 19euros  non cotisants


  • Week-end Mountain


In winter, when the weathers is getting sad in Bordeaux, Melting Potes is there to organize you a week-end which will make you smile again. Indeed, we go to the mountain to enjoy a fun and cool week-end. No matter you are a novice or an expert in skiing, you won’t regret it. Melting Potes will be there to join you. We will stay in a nice chalet close to the ski run. Of course, crazy nights will be on the program as well.

  • Spring Break


This is the main event of Melting Potes, an event expected by everyone. All along the year, a dream team is preparing an event supposed to be unforgettable. The 2018 edition lead us to Marrakech in May, in a lovely place during 1 week.

We did a lot of great activities, saw many amazing things and spent unbelievable parties.

The place changes every year and is keeping secret until 2 months before the D-Day. Anyway, this trip will be under the sign of the party, discovery, sun, and many other nice things…

Be ready, and you can follow the Spring Break page for more information.


  • Events :

Only for our dear International Students, Melting Potes organize on average 1 event a week of different types like a Beach day, a Bowling or a fancy dress part

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