Spring Break 2018

Ladies & Gentleman, Signore e Signora, Mesdames et messieurs!!!!! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 Here’s the plan : We’re leaving on may 11th until may 18th ✅ Fasten the belt and take a ride with Bus1+ from Victoire to Mérignac, we will wait for you at the airport! Private plane broooo! ✈🛫🛬 #TomorrowLandatKedge Of course this is not all ! – 4starsContinue reading “Spring Break 2018”

Welcome Party

At the beginning of the 2018, you were more than 200 to join our beautiful city ! After your first month or first week here, it’s now time to celebrate your arrival! We decided to organise a WELCOME PARTY tomorrow at the Sputnik pub!

Melting Potes Gala 2017

Aloha! 🎅 Because many of you are leaving soon, the end of the first semester is finally here, and we are about to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, Melting Potes is organizing its end of the year Gala! 😍

Coventry University visit

Kedge has the honor to welcome from today December 3rd to Friday December 8th, 13 students as well as two professors from theUniversity of Coventry in England! We hope you had a pleasant trip from Coventry to Bordeaux. If everything went according to plan, you guys should have arrived at your hotel by now. 🏠

Taste it

Hi guys! The end of the semester is actually coming closer, and we figured it would be cool if you would leave a culinary legacy here in Bordeaux. Therefore, Melting Potes is organizing ‘Taste It’! 🥘🍽

A Day In Saint Emilion

Aaaah sweet France: its architecture, its fashion, … and its wine of course! Since you arrived in Bordeaux you’ve probably heard about one of the city’s most famed treasures: its vineyards! And among all of the different local productions here, the most iconic one is without a doubt the village of Saint Émilion…

Badass Buddy Party

******** ENGLISH FOLLOW ********* Amis Kedgers de nos coeurs bonjour ! Tandis que les couloirs de Kedge étaient animés de chorées, de musique et de hurlements de rage face à Mario Kart, un grand groupe d’étrangers assistaient à ce spectacle ébahis, n’attendant qu’une chose : participer au mouvement ! Vous en avez peut-être croisé certains enContinue reading “Badass Buddy Party”