The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #22

A look over the year 2019-2020 with Melting PotesTwo semester exchanges : September and January Two semester exchanges: September and January Every year, about 1000 international students come to Kedge and discover the city of Bordeaux. You come from India, Korea, Canada, China, Chile etc… So many different nationalities come to our beautiful business university. OurContinue reading “The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #22”

The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #21

Be sure to check out the important announcement at the end of the NL!! Missing Bordeaux during your lockdown back home? We know it won’t bring you back but we found some Instagram accounts with lovely feeds filled with gorgeous images of Bordeaux and France. Here’s to nostalgia : @bordeaux_maville_ @bougerabordeaux @visitbordeaux @bordeauxexpats @super_france @hello_franceContinue reading “The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #21”

The Melting tips ! – Newsletter #13

A topic that concerns us all On the 11th of December, the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, presented the awaited plan for Europe towards climate neutrality. This plan has for objective to guide the new commission in its future decision making. But this green pack has already been subject to critique,Continue reading “The Melting tips ! – Newsletter #13”