To find accommodation

Contact for any questions regarding your housing and the CAF for international students:



+33 5 56 84 63 26


Housing insurance

Our partner bank: BNP Paribas, have a housing insurance which will be introduce to you during your integration week.


BNP Paribas Student Home Insurance

An offer dedicated to students from 18 to 28 years old, without children, tenants or flatmates of 2 rooms of 66 m² maximum. The protection of daily life with a Civil Liability guarantee for private life and for activities related to student life (internships, sports practice….). Individual Accident coverage in the event of serious injuries.

Property damage cover (fire, water damage, theft, vandalism, etc.) to protect your home and personal effects (excluding valuables and jewelry).

The payment of school fees up to 2000€ in case of repetition following the impossibility of taking an exam 24-hour assistance services in the event of a disaster (relocation) 24/24 travel assistance worldwide (medical repatriation, advance medical expenses). A specific option Guarantee of property entrusted by the educational establishment within the framework of the studies a rate fixed according to the type of property occupied: room, studio or 2 rooms.



When you arrive in your apartment you will have to manage many things. That’s why we offer you to help through our partner So Energie.

Indeed when you arrive in your apartment you will have to open an electricity contract. We therefore propose to you to open an electricity contract with So Energie which offers you prices cheaper than the other energy suppliers and those in the respect of nature because they are green energies!

The SoEnergy team will be present at the beginning of the school year and you will only have to provide these documents :

  1. Payment method : cheque, credit card or bank debiting (with IBAN)
  2. statement electric meter
  3. Number of the point of delivery : you can find this information on the lease, on previous tenants’s electricity bills, with the real estate agency.

IF THE DELIVERY POINT CAN’T BE FOUND : So Energie will need a picture of your electricity meter, your exact address and the name of the previous tenant.


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