Brandon Creamer (USA)

“Although I definitely enjoyed most aspects of my semester abroad, the Melting Potes had a profound impact upon my amazing experiences in Bordeaux. Much more than simply an association that welcomes students and assists with housing, the Melting Potes find pride in connecting and engaging with international students on a deep level. I am so proud to say that many of these members became some of my best friends while I was abroad, and I still keep in frequent contact with them despite being half way around the world. From traveling and seeing new countries for the very first time, to simply lying out at the beach, to running through the streets of Bordeaux, and everything in between; I genuinely feel that I would not have had the same enjoyable experience if it was not for this incredible group of individuals. Thanks to everyone that made my semester abroad an experience that I will never forget.”

September 2014- December 2014