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What is a “Bureau” / Office ?

There are 2 differents kinds of office :The student office and the sport office.

  • Student office / BDE :The student office is the association that animates student life, federates students and associations and makes you creates unforgettable moments. Facebook Page
  • Sport office / BDS : The Sport office organises the school’s sporting life above all else. Our coaches are there to lead teams entered in competition to victory, while allowing those who wish to practice sport in leisure. Facebook page 

From January to the end of March, Kedge will change and so will your lives.
Let me explain :
“I am talking about more parties, open breakfast and open pizzas, goodies and so much more! “
In fact, those three months will determinate who will be the new BDE (Student Bureau) and BDS (Sports Bureau).
There are two teams of 30 students fighting against each other during one month to be elected as the new Bureau.
* So two teams in January for the BDE
* Two teams in February for the BDS
This competition revolves around parties in Bordeaux every week and sometimes more often (which team is going to organize the best one), open breakfast in Kedge, goodies, games…. at the end of the month YOU could vote for the team you think would make the best Bureau for next year !
⚠️Those three months are going to be amazing, you will have so much fun, be ready ! ⚠️

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