The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #22

A look over the year 2019-2020 with Melting PotesTwo semester exchanges : September and January

Two semester exchanges: September and January

Every year, about 1000 international students come to Kedge and discover the city of Bordeaux. You come from India, Korea, Canada, China, Chile etc… So many different nationalities come to our beautiful business university. Our association does everything possible to make sure you have the best time possible, and to make your exchange an unforgettable experience !

Multiple events !

The goal of our association is to ensure you spend the best possible time at Kedge and Bordeaux. That’s why we organize events all throughout your exchange! We love to laugh and make friends ! 

House parties !

House Parties are very popular with our international members. Melting Potes organizes 4 of them every year, and they all have a surprise theme. Don’t be shy and come dressed up ! An evening in an apartment, friends and music, what more could you ask for ? 

The gala 

In December, Melting Potes organizes a gala to celebrate the end of the year with the international students. A convivial moment, a beautiful ceremony, and above all good food! Prepare yourself a nice outfit and come and join our members 😉 

The men’s team at Mellting Potes, admire your future friends !

Ski Week-end !!

Every year, Melting Potes organises a ski weekend in collaboration with the Wax It association. This weekend is also open to international students, so get ready to hit the slopes with us, you won’t regret it !

here is our team of canadians of the ski weekend, the snow holds no secret for them !

The Melting Trips

Melting Potes also organizes weekend vacations abroad, preferably in a warm place to discover, have fun and party with international students. Unfortunately, this year it has been cancelled due to the pandemic, but next year it promises to be great !

A few final words from the Melting Potes president

“When I was asked for a word to sum up this past year, the first word that came to mind was: fun. This year was rich in emotion with many twists and turns. Since the beginning of the year, we have worked hard to ensure that you experience the best possible university exchange. We have put in place many events and newsletters, hoping that you have enjoyed them. The summary of all this is that we have enjoyed what we have undertaken. Pleasure during our events, pleasure between us but above all pleasure to welcome you, to meet you, to share your experiences, to discover you. If I had to close this year, I would end by saying thank you, thank you for trusting us, thank you for coming to Kedge, thank you for sharing your incredible experience with us. I hope you are well, looking forward to seeing you again in a safe and secure world.”

It’s a pity that the Corona outbreak didn’t allow us to go through with our projects, but in any case thank you all for this wonderful year !


The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #21

Be sure to check out the important announcement at the end of the NL!!

Missing Bordeaux during your lockdown back home?

We know it won’t bring you back but we found some Instagram accounts with lovely feeds filled with gorgeous images of Bordeaux and France. Here’s to nostalgia :

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est compte-a-suivre-instagram-bordeaux-scaled-1-1.jpg







Another tip is to follow #bordeaux on Instagram because it’s nostalgic and brings up cool new accounts to follow everyday!

In addition we found some great tips to get a good workout during quarantine:

@courtneydblack does an instagram live workout at 9am UK time everyday! (10am french time) Joe Wicks

@thebodycoach does fab YouTube home workouts and “PE with Joe” at 9am Monday-Friday U.K. time

The Gym Group (similar to the french Basic Fit but British) does live workouts on Facebook and has a full timetable which I can find and they’re all lead by qualified personal trainers

If working out is not your style and you want to explore your culinary side, here’s a classic french recipe: Madeleines!!


2 eggs

150g of sugar

125g of butter

The zest of 1 lemon

150g of flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Step 1 – Take the eggs and work them with the sugar. The mixture should be frothy.

Step 2 – To this mixture, add the melted butter and the flour, spoonful by spoonful. Then, add the lemon zest.

Step 3 – Butter the madeleine mold and fill the divisions with dough …

Step 4 – Put in a hot oven for 10 minutes (thermostat 7).

5 – Unmold and let cool.



Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est ferris_buellers_day_off.jpg

An inveterate dunce, Ferris Bueller, convinces his girlfriend and his hypochondriac best friend (whose father has a Ferrari) to skip school to spend the day in Chicago. While they make the 400 blows in the big city, the principal and the sister of Ferris tries, each one of their sides, to prove to the parents that their son is a dunce and that he dried.


Do not hesitate to watch films that give energy with a great soundtrack and the legendary passage of “Twist and shout” by Isley Brothers and later taken over by the Beattles! This cult music takes up the rhythm of the famous Bamba.


For you guys staying a whole other semester in KEDGE (which means until December 2020 minimum), now’s your chance to join an association! Check out on our website all the different associations KEDGE has to offer here ->

If one interests you, you can candidate to join it through the ‘cooptations’ that will be taking place in May. There will be more information about how and when soon but be sure to check out the CDA Facebook page (the association that takes care of the association)

The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #20

If you spend your confinement away from your friends, here is what you can do !

PHOTOROULETTE: New application whose rules will amuse you a lot !

a player can invite up to 49 friends to join the game, and players give the app access to their phone’s photo albums. The application selects a photo, completely at random, and displays it to everyone for five seconds; other players have to guess where it came from. The winner is the one who found the most correct answers after 15 rounds.

Netflix again ! Why not launch a Netflix movie all together at the same time ? The idea is interesting, select a film with your friends or family and launch it all at the same time, you can discuss it all together in real time !


Game in which each player embodies a villager or a werewolf, and whose general goal is : For the villagers (some of whom have powers or sepcial features), unmak and kill all the werewolves ! And for werewolves : to eliminate all the villagers and not to be exposed.

Skype calls between friends !

Call your friends regularly on skype to hear from them. It works well ! It’s also a good way of passing interviews for possible internships.

Don’t forget to update your linkedin profile as well as your CV !

Now is a great time to think about your future internships and how you are going to do it. So don’t wait another second, update your linkedin profile now !

It’s the same with your CV ! It is essential that you update your CV, and modify it if necessary. Remember that as soon as the containment is finished, everyone will get back to work !

Read Inferno ! Dan Brown’s book

Robert Langdon, professor of symbology at Harvard, wakes up in the middle of the night at the hospital. Disoriented, wounded in the head, he has no memory of the past thirty-six hours. Why does he end up in Florence? Where does this macabre object that doctors discovered in his business come from? When his world suddenly turns into a nightmare, Langdon decides to run away with a young woman, Sienna Brooks. Langdon quickly understands that he is in possession of a coded message, created by an eminent scientist who has devoted his life to avoiding the end of the world, an obsession that is matched only by his passion for “Inferno”, Dante’s great epic poem. Caught in a race against the clock, Langdon and Sienna are doing everything to find the scientist’s ultimate creation, a real time bomb, which nobody knows if it will improve life on earth or destroy it…

The chocolate cake !

250g of butter

200g of sugar

4 eggs

250g of chocolate

70g of flour

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Melt the chocolate and butter in a bain marie. In a bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar until the mixture froths and turns white.

Stir in the chocolate / butter mixture then the flour. Once the dough is homogeneous, pour it into a buttered and floured mold 24/25 cm in diameter. Cook for about 25 minutes.


All members of Melting Potes Association are thinking of you !

The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #19

We hope that in this difficult time everyone got home safely and we wish we could of had a proper goodbye. We hope to see you soon ! For now, read this newsletter to find out things you can do during this time !

1) First of all, Melting Potes thanks you for the fun times we have shared together!

2) Stay safe with your families and don’t forget to reach out to everyone you care about

3) Don’t forget to check out Kedge’s LEARN platform for up and coming assignments, there’s still work to do!

4) Contact your teachers to know what still needs to be done for your courses and how its supposed to be done

5) Stay connected to know what’s going on in the world and how the situation is progressing.

6) Don’t hesitate to ask questions to our Facebook account ‘Melting Buddy’

7) You can give us feedback of how was your experience at Kedge 

8) Share your experience in Bordeaux around you!

9) Stay curious, creative and open minded during this harsh time

10) And of course, come back when you can! We’d love to see your beautiful faces again

What to do during the quarantine ?

We’re just like you, we love to chill on Netflix but if you’ve run out of stuff to watch here’s our top choices :



Peaky Blinders

La casa de papel

How I met your mother


During my quarantine I play games !


The object of the game is to ruin its competitors through real estate transactions. It symbolizes the apparent and spectacular aspects of capitalism, fortunes being made and undone over the course of the dice.


The SCRABBLE is a board game and a letter game where the objective is to accumulate points, on the basis of random draws of letters, by creating words on a square grid, some of the boxes of which are awarded. Try to beat your grandparents !


Its success can be explained by the simplicity of its rules combined with real tactical and strategic depth, as well as a friendly dimension provided by the principle of resource exchanges.

Quite long playing time, but very addictive !


As long as you want ! Be brave, this game is quit complex…

La Blanquette de Veau !

1 Kg of calf meat

2 carrots

1 leak

85g of butter

½ cl of lemon

2 d/l of sour cream

laurier leaf 

2 onions

1 branch of thym

3 cloves

250g of french mushrooms

70g of flour

salt and pepper

1 celery stem

  1. Cut the meat and the vegetables in large cubes. To a large pot filled with cold water, add in your cubed calf meat, onions, carrots, celery, leak, thym, laurier leaf, cloves and salt. Simmer this on low to medium heat for an hour, removing the excess foam from time to time. When the meat is cooked, remove from the pot and keep warm with some aluminium. Keep your vegetables cooking in the pot. 
  1. On the side, prepare a roux (french cooking technique) with 70g of the butter and 70g of flour. Then add 1L of the broth you were preparing beforehand and mix till creamy. To this add the cream and pepper and stir in well. Reduce the heat to low and add back in the pieces of meat. Check for taste and add seasoning if necessary.
  1. In another pan, add in a tablespoon of water, the lemon, 15g of butter and salt and pepper. Boil this and then add in the mushrooms. Let cook for 10 minutes and then add to the other pot. Let simmer for a couple of minutes.


The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #18


  1. Ne reviens pas – Gradur, Heuss L’enfoire
  2. A ma table – DJ Vielo, DJ Anilson, le D
  3. RR 9.1 – Koba LaD, Niska
  4. Popopop – Gambi
  5. JCVD – Jul
  6. Moulaga – Jul, Heuss L’enfoire
  7. Air Max – Rim’K, Ninho
  8. He oh- Gambi
  9. Dance Monkey – Tones and I
  10. Vay – Dj Leska, Vegedream, KGS
  11. Pookie – Aya Nakamura
  12. Aristocrate= Heuss L’enfoire
  13. Dans l’espace – Gambi, Heuss L’enfoire
  14. Bitch – Lefa (ft. Vald)
  15. Elle est bonne sa mere- Vegedream, Ninho
  16. Batiment – Niska
  17. Roses – Imanbek Remix – SAINt JHN, Imanbek
  18. Fume a fond – Lorenzo
  19. Afro Trap Pt. 7 (La puissance) – MHD
  20. Goutte d’eau – Ninho
  21. Extasy – Zola
  22. Tout doux Bang’zs (feat. Junior Bvndo) -Guizmo
  23. Oh la folle- Marwa Loud
  24. J’aime Bien! – Josman
  25. Ride it- Regard

By now, you’ve probably been to a couple of Kedge events here and there (we’ve seen you at the PopArt and Light). However, do you find yourself jamming your fav tunes and then awkwardly dancing to the ones you don’t know? Not to worry, because Melting Potes has combined a top 25 hits list of french party songs! Have a listen and by the time the next SAT rolls around, you’ll know the lyrics better than us…

Kedge Activities Schedule for March

Life in Bordeaux


La Petite Martinique is a space dedicated the culture and history of rum. It’s also a place to meet people and chat while sharing in a collective interest of food and rum.Hedonistic, fun, for a unique and essential experience since acclaimed by one by our customers. Five premium rums will be offered at the Tasting associated with five dishes around which the chef will have built his Privilege menu (in Food Pairing mode) for a little moment of eternity. The idea is to go beyond tasting to perceive and understand the specifics of each alliance is as improbable as delicious. ouverture le 30/04/2020


Ataho offers you an original way to discover Bordeaux by bike. Come and discover Bordeaux by bike. We will take you to visit the unmissable places of the city. Live a local experience accompanied by a qualified and smiling supervisor who will make you live his Bordeaux. The tour adapts to the group, the level and the physical conditions of each.


Around a unique symbol, the Bordeaux Métropole Archives offer to explore fragments of Bordeaux history from some emblematic places in public space. Engraved on the pediment of public buildings and placed at the head of the national currency, solemnly affirmed in 1789 in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, freedom seems obvious. However, it remains a fragile good that had to be conquered and, sometimes, reconquered. An exceptional piece on loan from the National Archives – the original plaque from the 1789 Declaration – gives a striking vision. Around this unique symbol, the Bordeaux Métropole Archives propose to explore fragments of Bordeaux history from a few emblematic places in public space. Now until 04/30/2020

The Lovely Corner of la Bretagne (little Britany)


Ancient feudal city on the edge of Trieux, Guingamp prospers in the 14th and 15th century. The city has loads of history which you can explore in the many artisanal shops, the remnants of the middle-aged cattle ‘la Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours which was built 4 centuries ago! You must go to the city-center’s plaza with its 5 century old architecture with beautiful stone houses and the historical Renaissance fountain.


The used-to-be capital of Goëlo, Châtelaudren, had a strong merchant vocation which explained the importance of ‘la place de la République’. It is surrounded by tall houses of the 18th century and a very beautiful church of the same time period. Roam the alleys and small pathways to reach the highest tops of the city: the historical site of the feudal castle (with a part of it belonging to the old printing site of the ‘Editions Montsouris’) and the Notre Dame chapel of Tertre joyau (with its spendild polychrome paintings).  


For all you bookworms, Bécherel is the place for you! It is considered the book city in Bretagne and is even the name of a very famous and classic french conjugation book. You can literally go on a book shop marathon with 14 different shops each unique in their own way. From the wine bar bookshop to the florist book shop, passing by the calligraphy craft shop: you are sure to become a library rat! Common to Rennes metropolis, Bécherel is one of l’Ille-et-Vilaine hidden treasures being one of the most beautiful villages of Bretagne.


Land of knights and poets, Guerlesquin offers a time capsule trip in the heart of the Finistère. This lovely village with houses made in granite stone is home to an ancient seigneurial prison. This square building surrounded by stilts and in the base floor lies the prisoner cells. But the best way to discover Guerlesquin like a true ‘Breton’ (person from Bretagne), rendez-vous in August during the annual championship of menhir throws!

LA RATATOUILLE (yes.. just like the movie)

  • 2 zucchini
  • 1 green pepper
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • Olive oil
  • pepper
  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 ‘bouquet garni’-spice mix of thym, rosemary and laurel
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 onion

Step 1 – Cut the tomatoes into quarters and cut the eggplant, zucchini and peppers into small pieces. After that, mince the onion and garlic. 

Step 2 – In a pot, pour a bit of olive oil and add in the vegetables and cook them for 5 minutes until they start to change color. Start by the pepper, then the eggplant, then the zucchini, the onions and lastly the tomatoes. 

Step 3 – After having added the tomatoes and onions, reduce the heat to low. Add in the ‘bouquet garni’ and salt and pepper. Cover and let simmer for 30 minutes stirring gently and occasionally. 

Step 4 – After 30 minutes, add in the minced garlic and let simmer for another 10 minutes. 


You can enjoy it alongside some rice or some porc/beef or as is!


Created in 1988, AOC has continuously evolved to create and reinforce the bond between students and the wine world thanks to its weekly redez-vous and numerous new projects such as the ‘Patri’Wine’, Wine Weekend in San Sebastian (Spain), and the ‘Rallye des Vin’4 Heures’ in Bordeaux vineyards. 

With almost 32 years of age now, AOC has had a growing development in terms of subscribers and partners, making up a large network. It is run by 36 voluntary and passionate students with 30 in PGE program, 1 in EBP program and 1 in Bachelor’s program.

The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #17

What to do in Bordeaux on Sundays? 

As you may or not know, Sundays in France is rest day for everyone so it can be hard to find shops and places open. However, we have compiled a list of places which are open on Sundays and that are super interesting and fun !


For those who love a fun game day/night with a drink in hand, you’ll find that this bar is a perfect fit. A waiter will come to your table and chat a little about your preferences and will choose a board game suitable for y’all as well as explain the rules. No longer need to worry about which game is best for everyone! It’s a great place to go with lots of friends but make sure to make a reservation because this place is always full :0


On the Camille Julian square, you’ll find the most exceptional cinema in Bordeaux. It’s an historical chapel that was renovated into a movie theater! For all you literature fans, this cinema only projects beautiful book adapted films instead of Hollywood blockbusters. The screenings are from the morning to noon and cost only 4,50€! There’s also a bar and restaurant in the building, perfect to chill and talk about the movie.


The natural history museum of Bordeaux is located in the Jardin Public next to the Place des Quinquonces. On the three different floors, there’s exhibits for everyone’s tastes! A must see and it’s only 4€!


The Mollat Bookshop or librairie Mollat situated in the heart of Bdx. It’s the first independent book shop in terms of total revenue made and books sold. You’ll find so many books for everyone’s tastes you could swim in between the lines! And they’re pretty cheap too 😉


If you love sun, sand and surfing then look no further than to spend your weekend at la Côte Landaise (also known as la Côte d’Argent or just Landes) which is Bordeaux’s neighbouring region. With the good weather fast approaching, all the campsites are starting to open back up too which is a great option for the most adventurous among you. If camping’s not for you, there are some great airbnbs available in this region too with the main tourist areas being Hossegor and Biscarrosse. The Landes beaches consist of more than 106 km of uninterrupted coastline and beautiful coastal towns bringing true holiday vibes. During the Summer, this coast is very busy due to tourists and french people arriving in swarms to visit this vast expanse of sand and sea so find the time in Spring to take advantage of the quieter season. This destination is a definite must-see before you finish your time abroad !




250g of flour

½ litre of milk

2 tablespoons of sugar 

4 eggs

1 pinch of salt

50g of melted butter

Step 1 – Mix your dry ingredients (flour, salt and sugar) in a mixing bowl.

Step 2 – Make a well with the dry ingredients and crack your eggs into the hole.

Step 3 – Start to mix slowly with a whisk, incorporating more and more flour with the eggs. When the mixture becomes thick, add the milk little by little and keep stirring.

Step 4 – When everything is mixed, the batter should be quite liquidy. If it’s still a little bit too thick, add some more milk. Next, whisk in the melted butter well.  

Step 5 – Let your batter chill in the fridge for 30 min-2 hours. Heat up your pan with a little bit of butter and pour a ladle worth of batter on it. Make sure that its poured out quite thinly (this ain’t pancakes). Rotate the pan so that the whole bottom is covered.

Step 6 – Let cook for a minute or two, flip the crepe and let cook for 30 seconds or so and they’re ready !

Once your crepes are ready you can have so many different toppings ! Some of the french classics are: just sugar, sugar and butter, sugar and lemon (yes might sound weird but its so so good, fresh fruit (strawberries, banana etc.), whipped cream and of course, caramel or nutella !

To enjoy in front of a classic french movie!

ENJOY !!!!

The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #16

The life of a typical Kedger

He always go to.. THE BODEGON

After classes, the Bodegon is the place where the typical Kedger will spend his evening drinking and chatting with friends (you’ll often see us with our blue sweatshirts there too). Make sure to not forget your Kedge student card to get those amazing discounts. If you haven’t been yet, the bar is located at the tram B stop “Victoire”!

To party he goes to… THE LIGHT

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est light-club-bordeaux.jpg

The Light Club is THE club in which most SAT (soiree a ticket as the french call it) parties are hosted by the different associations in Kedge. There is SATs organized almost every week (sometimes twice in a week 🙂 ), so you’ll get to know this place pretty well.

He always is taking the B Tram!

A typical Kedger will spend most of his time in Bodeaux in the B Tram, the lign that brings you from Kedge and to all the best places in the city center (like the Bodegon!). The tram is usually super full, so a little tip is to anticipate and not take the last tram so that you’re on time for classes.. Trust us, you’ll surely meet at least one Kedger every time you ride the tram.


The best Kedger always shotguns on time and takes part of our many awesome house parties. We at Melting Potes always have reserve 50% of tickets for you international students and 50% for the french students. Like this you can finally make good use of your french classes or many learn a thing or two about French kissing.

Finally, your typical Kedger takes a break from all that ‘studying’ to travel on the Melting Trips! The first being in March in Barcelona <3. He always stays tuned to know where will be the next ones. The Melting Trips are really some of the best ways to take advantage of your semester or year in Europe.

Kedge Activities Schedule for January

Melting Travel Tips-La Cote d’Azur!

If you have the time and you don’t know where in France to visit during your free time, go visit the Côte d’Azur! The Côte d’Azur is the eastern part of the Mediterranean French coast mainly including the Alpes-Maritimes and Monaco. It is known for its beaches, the quality of life and its blue skies! There are flights everyday to the main cities such as Nice  and Toulon.

The main cities in la Cote d’Azur:

Some information about la Cote d’Azur:

If you’re wanting your instagram to truly make your friends back home jealous, look no further than the stunning Provence-Alpes and Côte d’Azur. The Côte d’Azur is one of the most famous regions of France adored by celebrities, billionaires and James Bond films. This region of France is located along the coast of the Mediterranean sea and features palm trees, beachers, blue skies and franco-italian cuisine all year round. Some of key destinations here are Nice, Toulon, Cannes and Monaco. We’ve handpicked some of the best online travel tips and instagram pages to guide your travel. Nice’s old town and the beaches of Monaco are personal favourite of ours…

Information about transport:

Flights several times a week to Toulon, Marseille & Nice (at this time of the year they are between 50-75€ for a return) and take about an hour. From Nice you can travel to Cannes and other smaller towns within this region by train and bus Best weather is from May – October but the region is beautiful all year round.

Social Media:

Check out @visitcotedazur @frenchrivieraguide @visitsouthoffrance on instagram for ultimate instagoals and inspiration.


Life in Bordeaux


Located on the other side of the Garonne river, Les Chantiers de la Garonne is an awesome and trendy restaurant perfect for dinner with friends. The place has a lot of history to it as it used to be a storage shed for boats and materials. It’s been modernized thanks to the DARWIN project.


Along the ‘Quais’ of the Garonne River, you might of seen some courts and open air areas with people playing sports. Well the ‘Parc de sports Saint-Michel’ areas are free! Meet up with your friends for a cool skating session or basketball, even soccer and many more. Its controlled by the mayor in Bordeaux so make sure to keep it clean but most importantly have fun!

Culture and Gastronomy

A two for one this week, La Cite du Vin! You’ve probably seen this name if you take the tram B or seen the magnificent building up north on the ‘quais’ by the Garonne River. This place is absolutely wonderful and there’s so many things to do and see all about wine: permanent and temporary exhibitions, workshops/classes, shops and even a gorgeous restaurant. Bonus! you can get a discounted ticket if you show your student card (so be sure to bring it). Check out their website for more info (it’s in english as well):  and their instagram @laciteduvin.

Recepie time: la quiche Lorraine!

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est i23896-quiche-lorraine-au-fromage-et-aux-lardons.jpeg

Quiche Lorraine is a staple dish in french cooking. It’s a very hearty family dish perfect for a dinner with friends or to take a slice on the go for lunch. It’s usually eaten along side with some salad to balance it out.


  • 1 ball of pastry dough
  • 70g of sour cream
  • 100g of shredded gruyere cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • pepper and salt to taste
  • 2 eggs
  • 200g of lardons (smoked ham cubes)
  • 1 onion


1 – Preheat the oven at 200 degrees Celcius. In a pie dish, roll out the pastry dough on top of some baking paper. 

2 – Chop the onion and ham cubes into small pieces and cook them on the stove with a bit of butter. Then let cool. 

3 – In a mixing bowl, mix in the eggs, cream and cheese. Add salt and pepper to your liking. 

4 – Place the ham and onion on the dough first. Then, slowly pour the egg, cream and cheese mixture on top of this. 

Cook your quiche in the oven for 40 to 50 minutes and enjoy! Send us pics of your creation 🙂

The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #15

Grab your beanie and gloves!

For this winter, if you don’t know what to do in your free time, why not go ski?!  You’re in luck because in France there are the Alps and Pyrenees mountains. France has without a doubt some of the best ski stations in the world. It adds up to more than 200 stations, mainly located in the Alps and the Pyrenees.

The Winter Olympic Games also have been help many times in France: in 1992 at Albertville, in 1968 at Grenoble and 1924 at Chamonix. You can find on the French Alps some of the biggest skiable areas in the world, including the 3 Vallées with 600 kilometers of  skiing trails! In addition, you can also find the best summer ski stations in Europe. Here are some of the best ski stations in the Pyrenees:

  • PIAU-ENGALY : Two steps away from Spain, Piau-Engaly offers a wide playground fit for all levels; whether you be a complete newbie, fan of skiing or even amateur pro. In the setting of snowy mountain tops, this station with no cars characterizes itself  with its original housing architecture that perfectly merges in the landscape. 
  • PEYRAGUDES : Smooth curves, long uninterrupted trails, fluffy snow valleys… Open on 2 hillsides of the mountain, Peyragudes is definitely a beautiful spot for sunny rides down the slopes in an intact environment. Since its opening, the station offers as well services and animations always more innovating and surprising in order to guarantee endless fun.   
  • GRAND TOURMALET : The Grand Tourmalet is the most extensive skiing areas of the French Pyrenees. On one side, the Mongie massif at the foot of the trails; on the other side, the Barèges massif with the authentic pyrenean village spirit. The Grand Tourmalet guarantees an awesome ski trip with the Pic du Midi on the site and its free-ride slopes. 
  • CAUTERETS : Cauterets, a village with original architecture and two different skiing areas. Le Cirque du Lys for example is perfect for trail skiing with its heavily snowy site thanks to its geographical exposition. 
  • LUZ ARDIDEN : Luz Ardiden is a young and friendly site. With its 3 riding areas (Aulian, Bédéret and the Combe de Piet) the station offers a rich and diverse skiing area. In addition, it has great off-course areas of Bernazaou and 1250 meters drop! I the village of Luz-Saint-Sauveur, the setting is authentic and the mood is festive; a perfect spot to stay at!
  • SAINT-LARY-SOULAN : With its 3 related sectors, Saint-Lary is a big pyrenean ski station that is equally sporty and family friendly. The Saint-Lary village, linked with the skiing area by ski lifts and gondolas, offers a warm, authentic and friendly atmosphere in a real pyrenean village next door to Spain. 
  • VAL LOURON : Val Louron, it’s the big station for the little ones! This station with no cars, overnight stays at the bottom of the trails, a nice area for beginners and a calm and peaceful place to ski with your family and/or for a first time experience.
  • GAVARNIE : Le Cirque de Gavarnie is the mountain spot that is known worldwide. In the winter time, Le cirque maintains its quality reputation and the beauty of its ice cascades available for beginners and pros.  In addition its skiing areas, ideal for a family or friends gathering, offers some exceptional panoramas.
  • HAUTACAM : All the benefits combined at this family friendly and accessible station with spectacular panoramas, a nice sunny atmosphere and lots of fun and safe spots to enjoy nature and the crisp mountain air.

Now back here in Bordeaux there’s still plenty of things to do for these up and coming weeks.

Kedge Activities Schedule for January

Life in Bordeaux

For the foodies:

Next to la Cite du Vin up north in Bordeaux, you will be pleasantly to find here ‘Les Halles de Bacalan’. This place mixes market, restaurant and food stands for any time of the day to enjoy with your friends. It’s as beautiful on the inside as it is outside and it’s perfect for all you foodies ! Check out their website:

For the sightseers:

For only 12,50 enjoy an hour-long cruise on the Garonne River and discover the treasures of Bordeaux along its UNESCO-listed waterfront. Hear about the history of Bordeaux and its wine trade from the boat’s captain as you travel along the river quays.

For the adventurous:

Imagine seeing Bordeaux in a new light, without listening to a tour guide. With this unique discovery game, enjoy a gentle stroll around the city as you solve riddles to take you to different locations and learn more about this fascinating city with your group of friends (up to 5 people).

And introducing a new section in our Newsletter, the Melting Potes Travel Tips! Here we’ll be on the lookout and find some of the greatest flight and travel deals perfect for weekend venture:

Quick weekend break to Milan?

Anyone feel like they’ve seen a good portion of Bordeaux and wants to travel somewhere else in Europe? We’ve spotted a great Ryanair flight deal from Bordeaux to Milan for only 28€ this weekend (January 31st – February 2nd). Spend some time wandering through the fashion capital of Italy eating pasta, pizza and gelato… yum.

If you’re not yet tired of the French culture, you can also fly to Marseille for only 25€ and Lille for just 35€! Or if you want to keep your carbon footprint low, take the FlixBus to Toulouse for only 6€ and spend a weekend in one of the best student cities in France.

To find these deals, you can use and the FlixBus website. Bon voyage!

Since after all you are here to experience French culture, we are back at it again with another hearty winter dish!

Le Gratin Dauphinois- Traditional French Potato Casserole


  • 2kg of potatoes
  • 35 cl of liquid cream
  • 35 cl of milk
  • 1 big garlic clove
  • Casserole Dish

Step 1 – Peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices. Then, wash the potato slices with water in order to remove the starch and lay them dry out on paper towels for as long as possible.

Step 2 – Reheat the oven at 180°Celsius. Mince your garlic at the bottom of your casserole dish. Then lay on top the potato slices. 

Step 3 – Mix the liquid cream and milk and pour the mixture over the potatoes. Add salt and pepper to your taste.

Put in the oven for : 60 minutes. Enjoy!!

Finally, we have another Translation Game for you guys with all french sayings!

  • Voir midi à sa porte 
  • Ça casse pas trois pattes à un canard 
  • Se mettre sur son trente et un
  • Entre chien et loup
  • Mettre la main à la pâte
  • Rouler quelqu’un dans la farine
  • L’habit ne fait pas le moine

The Melting Tips!- Newsletter #14

The Ravaging Australian Fires

It’s with great sadness that Australia keeps burning. The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called out 3000 military members, on the 4th of January, to fight against the forest fires that have devastated the country for 4 months now. “This decision allows for more men on the field, more planes in the sky, more ships on the sea”, announced the chief of government, critiqued for his management in crisis.

Australia is currently ravaged by more than 200 blazes, according to the Guardian. Since the beginning of the season of fires, in September, the flames have destroyed almost 6 million acres of forests and wild bushes. This is the equivalent of twice the size of Belgium.

The Australian firefighters’ tasks is so complicated by the extreme climate conditions, Hundreds of fires were stowed on Saturday by violent winds and temperatures reaching over 40 degrees Celsius. 

The state of urgency was decreed in the south-east of Australia, the most populated region of the country, faced with advanced fires. Authorities ordered Friday 100 000 people to evacuate in three states.The climate events of this extent bring us to ask ourselves in what world we want to involve in and what we are ready to do to save the earth. 

On a lighter mood, let’s move on to things that you can do these upcoming weeks in and out of Kedge.

Kedge Activities Schedule for January

These is the monthly schedule for Kedge and all the activities presented are organized by associations/clubs (like Melting Potes!). You can find this specifics about each event on the association’s Facebook page like pricing, time, place and most importantly shotgun time :).

Life in Bordeaux

If you want to discover Bordeaux in addition to spending time at Kedge events, we got you covered. We not only have 1 or 2 suggested activities but 3!

For the foodies:

If you have a salty or sweet tooth we’re sure you’ll find what you’re craving for. Come and enjoy brunch with your new friends in Bordeaux at ‘La Collation’ which will be in your budget (and guarantee some bomb Instagram photos 😉 ).

For the artsy:

Have you ever wondered how mankind has evolved from using rocks to make fire to self-driving cars? Well you’re in luck because at Cap Sciences in Bordeaux there’s a great exhibition exploring how humans have kept making tools and machines to help in everyday life.

For the adventurous:

Locked in room, 60 minutes to escape to get out! You’ll need to look for clues, hints and pathways to escape or else… From 2 to 5 people per team so you could really make this a fun competition. 

If you really want to experience French culture, we have just the thing for you, our fortnightly recipe!

La Galette des Rois or Twelve Nights Cake

This is a traditional desert that many French and europeans eat for the special Twelve Nights Christian celebration. Make this with your friends and enjoy it while watching a French movie named by the desert ‘La Galette du Roi’ or The King’s Cake.


  • 2 rolls of puff pastry dough
  • 125g of Lamond powder
  • 3 eggs
  • 100g of butter
  • 100g of sugar
  • A hand-full of almonds

step 1

In a mixing bowl, mix softened butter with the sugar and the almond powder and mix. Add the two eggs one after the other, mixing vigorously each time. To add a little crunch to your cake, add a fist full of crushed almond pieces.

step 2

Roll the puff pastry dough thinly onto a oven pan with baking paper on the bottom. With a baking brush, humidify the borders of the dough with water without spilling over. 

step 3

Spread around the almond mixture in the middle of the dough. For the amateurs of this tradition, this would be the moment to but the charm in the mixture.

step 4

Layer on top of the dough and mixture the other puff pastry sheet very gently. Press down on the wet borders of the cake with your fingers so that both layers adhere together, then fold back the borders inwards to keep the filling inside. Press down again on the borders then score the edges with a knife to add detail.

step 5

Mix one egg with a teaspoon of milk, then paint over the cake over with the mixture with a pastry brush. Place it in the fridge for 30 min then re-coat the cake once again. Be careful not to spill over the edges of the cake because this could prevent for the puff pastry to rise.

Step 6

With the point of a knife, score diagonal lines across the cake to make a checkered pattern or be creative and draw some designs like crowns and flowers etc. Put it in the oven at 240 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, then lower the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius for the last 20 min of baking time.

Finally, we have a little game for you. Since we’re all international here, try to translate these sayings in your own language and try and make sense of it (it should be funny).

Translation Game

English: A bad bush is better than the open field
German: Wein sagt die Wahrheit
Italian: A gran promettitor poca fede si deve
Spanish: Del dicho al hecho, hay gran trecho
French: Qui vole un oeuf vole un boeuf 

The Melting tips ! – Newsletter #13

A topic that concerns us all

On the 11th of December, the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, presented the awaited plan for Europe towards climate neutrality. This plan has for objective to guide the new commission in its future decision making. But this green pack has already been subject to critique, by ecologists and conservatives. 

The new leader of the European Executive has defined this plan as a ‘new strategy of growth and development’ for the EU, convinced that the ‘old model of growth and development based on fossil energies and pollution was outdated’. So, she has planned 50 actions to do by 2050, a list of legislatives propositions, action plans and strategies, covering a large diversity of sectors.

The main goal of her green pact is an important ‘climate law’ which will be set in 2050 for carbon neutrality which will be proposed sometime until March 2020. 

However, there are many obstacles targeting the success of the pact despite all the efforts Ursula von Der Leyen has put in. Starting with the reluctance of her allies in her party (the European People’s Party), who worry for companies and employability if Europe is the only continent taking an ambitious step towards climate protection. 

From the ecologists’ point of view (euro-deputies like militants of ONGs’), they esteem that although von Der Leyen’s plan is encouraging, it doesn’t go far enough. The climate protectors would like for objective of reducing emissions at the rate of 65% by 2030. 

Another initiative that shows that climate is tomorrow’s political battle and how difficult it seems to combat for change in a world in which everything is already set up, and where no one wants to take action. Can we seriously take into account these claims and make the politics of tomorrow more green?

CO2 emissions by european countries

Kedge Activities Schedule for December

Life in Bordeaux


Edmond Pure Burger, only the best burgers in Bordeaux according to the Yelpers! A subtle fusion between quality, expertise and authenticity. Here’s Edmond’s awesome menu.


Have you heard of the ‘Bordeaux Metropole City Pass’? With this pass, you can enjoy a free access to a dozen of touristing sites and monuments as well as some great discounts and an unlimited access to public transport. You can purchase one of 3 formats: a 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours, perfect for short trips in the city. These are perfect if you invite friends and family to discover our beautiful city!


What do you think of a night bike ride in the beautiful city of Bordeaux? Pedal and enjoy all the pretty lights set up for the wintery season. A the end of the ride, you will be greeted with some hot wine and specials brought by each and everyone. Gear up!

Winter Recipe to keep warm : Savoyard Fondue

Step 1

Start by cutting your loaf of bread in small pieces so that they have time to Harden a little.

Step 2

Cut the cheese (no pun intended) in cube size pieces making sure you remove the crust.

Step 3

Dissolve a spoonful of Maïzena (cornstarch) in the small glass of Kirsch.

Step 4

Rub the inside of the fondue pot (caquelon) with the garlic until it is all used up.

Step 5

Heat up the white wine on medium heat in the caquelon pot. Once it simmers, turn down the heat to low and add the cubed cheeses. Mix this around with a wooden spoon with a figure 8 movement. Make sure to scratch the bottom and the sides and mix continuously so that the cheese does not burn in the pan.

Step 6

When all the cheese has melted, add the cornstarch and Kirsch mixture to the pot and mix in well. Keep your fondue on low heat and mix occasionally while you eat it. 

If you’ve never had fondue before, take your fondue spade with a piece of bread and dip it in the fondue (while trying to get as much o it as possible) and enjoy with maybe some caramelised onions on the side or some charcuterie for the meat lovers.

500 g of beaufort cheese

400 g of comté cheese

300 g of tomme de savoie cheese

1 garlic clove

1 small glass of Kirsch

1 spoonfull of Maïzéna (cornstarch)

1 loaf of bread

2 glasses of white wine

Movie suggestion: Classic French Classic to watch during the Winter-time

Try to translate these sayings in your own language

Might makes right

Es ist nicht alles Gold, was glänzt

A brigante brigante e mezzo

Si quieres el perro, acepta las pulgas

Faute de grives on mange des merles